Separate Beds

By (author): MJ Cruise

Ernie and Twink are in the autumn of their lives. In celebration of their thirtieth wedding anniversary, the couple’s children send them on a Caribbean cruise. Free of chores and children, Ernie and Twink are wined, dined, and introduced to exciting people. When they meet the rich, seductive Blake and Beth, who still seem to have a perfect life together after ten years of marriage, Twink becomes infatuated with the glamour of the other couple’s lives and seeks to reignite the spark in her own marriage.


MJ Cruise

MJ Cruise is an award-winning playwright and published choral composer. Her plays have been performed across North America and have been translated and produced in Germany. MJ teaches drama in Grimsby, Ontario, and is an ambassador for promoting the arts to young people through workshops and festival productions. Other plays include Albert Street, Dried Flowers, In My Life, and A Stranger in Our House.


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80 Pages
8.37in * 5.38in * .28in


May 15, 2013



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