Popular Political Theatre and Performance

Series edited by: Ric Knowles

Volume editor: Julie Salverson


Seize the Day: The Mummers’ Gros Mourn by Chris Brookes (1983)
Reclaiming Popular Theatre by Rose Adame (1983)
Mixed Company Redefines Political Theatre by Banuta Rubess (1984)
The Interactive Documentary in Canada: Catalyst Theatre’s It’s About Time by Alan Filewod (1985)
Underdeveloped Alliance by Ian Filewod (1987)
Three Cultures, One Issue by Jan Selman (1987)
Against All Odds: The Progressive Arts Club Production of Waiting for Lefty by Bonita Bray (1990)
South Asian Women: Creating Stories of Resilience and Resistance by Sheila James (1998)
Anxiety and Contact in Attending to a Play About Landmines by Julie Salverson (2001)
Placemats for September 11 by Ruth Howard (2002)
Playwriting in Canadian Popular Theatre: Developing Plays with Actors and Non-Actors by Aida Jordão (2003)
Radical Storytelling: Performing Process in Canadian Popular Theatre by Ingrid Mündel (2003)
Theatre for Living and Practicing Democracy: Negotiating the Monologic Beast by Becky Halvorson (2003)
Disability Pride within Disability Performance by Catherine Frazee (2005)
Theatrical Nationhood in Radical Mobility by Alan Filewod (2005)
On the Political Importance of the Aesthetic by Catherine Graham (2006)
Talking Global, Performing Local by Lisa Doolitle and Lauren Jerke (2008)
Memory, Memorial and The Monument: Contested Memories in Rwanda, A Field Report by Jennifer H. Capraru (2009)
Rehearsing with Reality: Exploring Health Issues with Aboriginal Youth through Drama by Linda Goulet, Jo-Ann Episkenew, Waren Linds and Karen Arnason (2009)
Translating Research into Theatre; Nancy, A Testimonial Play by Geraldine Pratt and Caleb Johnston (2009)
Digital Popular Theatre by Sharon M. Lewis (2010)
Remembering Augusto Boal (1931-2009) by Patti Fraser (2010)

Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English sets out to make the best critical and scholarly work in the field readily available. The series publishes the work of scholars and critics who have traced the coming-into-prominence of a vibrant theatrical community in English Canada.


Ric Knowles

Ingrid Mündel is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph. She has articles published in Theatre Research in Canada, Canadian Literature, and Postcolonial Text, and she co-edited a special issue of The Review of Pedagogy, Education, and Cultural Studies.


Julie Salverson

Julie Salverson is a playwright and nonfiction writer who teaches writing and drama at Queen’s University and the Royal Military College of Canada. Salverson has created projects in community engaged arts practice for many years, and works with groups to practice resiliency through the exchange and development of stories. Julie Salverson is a member of the Playwright’s Guild of Canada and her plays have been produced in Canada, the US and Thailand.


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May 30, 2010



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