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As Night to the Day by Dan Ebbs

Forty-year-old Michael returns home to help his mother who is struggling with memory loss. Over the course of a morning, Michael sees her through the eyes of another and learns that there’s a side to her he didn’t know.

Bedtime Stories by Diana Kolpak

Four women from fairy tales—Cinderella, the Witch who held Rapunzel hostage, the Queen who outsmarts Rumpelstiltskin, and Bluebeard’s wife—each tell the story from their own point of view. A unique look at the way women are treated in classic tales.

Health Class by David S. Craig and Robert Morgan

Two teachers prepare a sex ed presentation for male high school students. Through their discussions and their own experiences, fears and doubts about sexuality, masculinity, and gender come to the fore, engaging the audience and asking us to look at our own opinions and beliefs when it comes to sex.

Hide and Seek by Drew Carnwath

The unresolved disappearance of one of their childhood friends causes three women to continually return to that day. Beautifully lyrical and hauntingly poetic, Hide and Seek reminds us about those who are left behind.

The Malaysia Hotel by Laurie Fyffe

In the middle of Bangkok, the rundown Malaysia is a traveller’s hotel with a long history. There, on her last night in Thailand, Kris, a Canadian English teacher, is confronted by Molyka, a young Cambodian refugee who makes a strange and seemingly impossible request.

My Narrator by Norm Foster

Imagine what would happen if that little voice inside your head—the one that tells you how to behave and what choices to make—suddenly took on a life of its own? For Lacy and Miles, love is what happens, and with hilarious results.

Stroke Static by Lindsay Price

Suffering from dementia, Russ is taken from the present to the past and back again in a split second. A sobering look at the loss of control that accompanies this disease from the inside.

The Work of Art by Victoria Dawe

Neighbours Frank and Annie assemble a found object sculpture in Frank’s backyard and in the meantime discuss life, love, and everything in between. At the end of the day, could it be that what they’re looking for has been next door all along?


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