Moss-Haired Girl

Winner, 3-Day Novel Contest (2013)

Joshua Chapman Green is searching for answers. He is combing through boxes in the attic of his recently deceased mother’s home and uncovering childhood memories, mysterious letters, and perplexing photos of people he does not know. They appear to be circus performers, members of a travelling freak show, or Victorian era sideshow performers. Then he finds a crumbling copy of Moss-Haired Girl: Confessions of a Circus Performer by Zara Zalinzi . . . the clasp falls away and the pages open revealing a family story that may or may not be fiction . . .

In this ambitious short novel, R.H. Slansky weaves a complex narrative about the very nature of narrative: it is an annotated re-issue of a fictional autobiography that casts a questioning eye on the reliability of family lore.

Praise for Moss-Haired Girl:

“Ever wonder if the mad-dash products of speed-writing contests can be any good? With Moss-Haired Girl, winner of the 2013 Three-Day Novel Contest, R.H. Slanksy answers in the affirmative and offers some guidance by example to would-be contestants: Start with a great premise and bite off only so much as you can chew. … At 72 pages, it’s a slight but extremely fun read. Let’s see what Slansky can do with a few more days.” (The Globe and Mail)

“Moss-Haired Girl is an enjoyable, light read with stylistic flair. … the elements of Slansky’s writing and the novella’s presentation offer the reader plenty to reflect upon.” (The Peak)

“Moss-Haired Girl is wonderful stuff, punchy and clever and engaging.” (San Francisco Book Review)


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December 03, 2014



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