Maria Mahoi of the Islands

By (author): Jean Barman

Born to a Hawaiian father and a First Nations mother, Maria (pronounced Ma?Rye?ah) lived her entire life on the Gulf Island of British Columbia’s southwest coast. A true pioneer, she lived from the mid 1850s to 1936, bore thirteen children, and now has a variety of descendents including loggers, fishermen, university professors, and a provincial minister of finance.In Maria Mahoi of the Islands, acclaimed historian Jean Barman gives us a portrait of a woman who was independent, resourceful and proud of her Hawaiian heritage. Maria was also a woman ahead of her times, as she kept her name, protected her interests, and even went to court to contest a will.

Maria Mahoi of the Islands is number 13 in the Transmontanus series.


Jean Barman

The author of numerous substantial works about BC history, including The West Beyond the West: A History of British Columbia, Jean Barman has an EdD in History of Education (UBC), a MLS (Berkeley) and a MA in Russian Studies (Harvard), and is a Fellow of the Royal Society. She lives in Vancouver.


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May 20, 2004


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