Life Experience Coolant

By (author): Colin Fulton

Life Experience Coolant is a collection of four long poems informed by artistic isolation, directionless reading, and the avoidance mechanisms that make poetry simultaneously possible and impossible at our current cultural velocity. Using methodologies of textual appropriation, collage, rehistoricization and self-sufficent rhetoricality, Life Experience Collant address transgenderedness, the late-late-late capitalist situation, gaming culture and new media, contemporary Canadian politics, and satirizations of conceptual poetics and antimemoir. As well as love.


Colin Fulton

Colin Fulton was born in Calgary in 1987 but grew up in Nova Scotia, and he has lived in British Columbia since 2005. A graduate from the University of Victoria with a double major in Poetry and Political Ecology, as well as a minor in Philosophy, Fulton currently lives in Montreal where he is persuing a Master’s Degree in English. Life Experience Coolant is his first book.


Praise for Life Experience Coolant:

We pass through a consciousness entertaining the non-effects of large doses of Lurasidone, the realism of a Hermann Broch character (Huguenau), Islamic apophaticism, all in the first pages of the first poem. A raw realism where everything could happen at once is on display here or, better yet, a phenomenology in its purest state, sped by a happy confidence in the energies and various intentionalities in the state of ordinary wakefulness. There is a generosity in this writing, a refusal to mask any of the intimacy of the numerous exchanges it reports. “This isn’t chic LA performance art, this isn’t what you’d call a ‘safe place,’ this is a poem.”
– Tim Lilburn

Satiatory relaxcellence, from the leisurely experiential wealth of the margins. Beheaded then reheaded, a slangy tractatus. Delicious as tears. An improvement of serious culture. Totally ok with stuff. Tofurkyish in the best possible way, revels in revelatory giddiness between recreational arson and hot-yogic heat-signatures. (These anarchoprimitivists sure are some fun peepz.) Gasoline is flammable as Life Experience Coolant. GET TO THIS, partake.
– Donato Mancini

Fulton is very skilled at what he does….those who love experimentation will be drawn in by his ability to play freely among the signifiers and pushthe notion of form through typography.
– Montreal Review of Books


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October 01, 2013


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