Is This Who We Are?

By (author): Alain Dubuc

Translated by: Nigel Spencer

This translation into English of Alain Dubuc’s best-seller, Portrait de Famille, questions our national identity, if there is one, and how it may be more in flux than ever before. The Rest of Canada sees Quebec in a number of ways, while the Québécois see themselves in still others, in a set of supposedly homemade myths. Dubuc asks and analyzes to what extent these myths are true, false or a mix of both. How does Quebec really stack up culturally, economically and educationally? Often the answers come as a complete surprise and lead us in unexpected directions. Many of the hard facts and statistics gathered are eye-opening for us all. Certainly, La Presse’s editorial writer Alain Dubuc knows how to puncture a balloon with the best of them, a much-needed skill these days.


Nigel Spencer

Nigel Spencer’s previous work includes acting, directing, teaching, educational research and training, journalism, and subtitling and co-scripting films. He has published six books of translated work by Marie-Claire Blais, including Thunder and Light and Augustino and the Choir of Destruction, both of which won the Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation.


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October 31, 2016


Ronsdale Press



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