Floating Life

By (author): Moez Surani

Floating Life, Moez Surani’s second collection of poetry, takes the reader on a dizzying tour of the world, stopping in Cairo, Muju, Madrid and Cape Breton. Interwoven through these evocative glimpses of places and the people that live in them are poems exploring relationships, reflecting on identity and considering the passing of time.


Moez Surani

MOEZ SURANI’s writing has been published in Harper’s MagazineBest American Experimental Writing, Best Canadian Poetry, and The Globe and Mail. He has received a Chalmers Arts Fellowship, which supported research in India and East Africa. He has been an artist-in-residence in Finland, Italy, Latvia, Myanmar, Switzerland, Taiwan, the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada, and at MacDowell in the US. He is the author of the novel, The Legend of Baraffo, and various poetry books, including Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real and Operations. Surani lives in Toronto. 


“Surani’s work has a sense of intimacy, as if he truly is ‘Trying to write out this life / pushing for clarity.’ However, he is at his best when making blank observations that produce more emotion than they should.” – Winnipeg Free Press

“Reading Surani is the fastest way to culture yourself. The minimalist’s combination of romantic musings and sightseeing is fresh. His travels are so far-roaming and summarized in such tight lines that he is providing a wholly intimate and pocketable globe of wonders. Even the shortest poems are conversation worthy.” – literatured.com

“Moez Surani’s second col­lec­tion aims for such moments of ima­gistic detail?but with the recog­ni­tion that not all is pleas­ure and diver­sion. Rather, these sparse, mov­ing poems are buoyed on under­cur­rents of loss and med­it­a­tions, in which love and its phys­ical mani­fest­a­tions are tenu­ous, ever-shifting, as vibrant yet as insub­stan­tial as light.” – ARC Poetry Magazine


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March 01, 2011



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