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Elsewhere on Earth

By (author): Emmanuel Merle

This vivid collection of poems by Emmanuel Merle, in Peter Brown’s splendid translation, is at once a travelogue of the American West and a French poet’s lyric diary. The poet’s psyche, searching self-admittedly for truth, is as full of life and strange beauty as the very places that it explores and blends with. This continent’s historical past, with its deplorable injustices against the Native American population, emerges here in a fresh and powerful light for the American reader. – Philip Nikolayev


Emmanuel Merle

Emmanuel Merle’s publications include six books of poetry, a collection of short stories and four artist’s book as accompanying text. Among his books of poetry are: Amre indienne (Gallimard 2006), Un homme la mer (Gallimard 2007), and Pierres de Folie (La Passe du Vent, 2010). His collection of short stories, Redwood, appeared with Gallimard in 2004. His was awarded the Kowalski Prize in 2006 (France), the Prix Thophile Gautier from the Acadmie Franaise in 2007 and Prix Rhne Alpes du Livre in 2008. He lives in Grenoble. Translation of Merle’s Amre indienne (Elsewhere on Earth) was supported by the PEN America Center and the Service du Livre of the French Embassy in New York City.


“Your heart is always the immigrant,” says the itinerant poet Emmanuel Merle as he takes the reader with him through the American West, past sheep like “scraps of clouds,” over the plains like “a dough / Spread out in the oven, darkened by the white-hot sun.” Peter Brown’s translation of Merle’s sustained meditation evokes Richard Hugo by name and in spirit, triggered by the towns, and how they evidence life. Looking at a trailer buried in snow, Merle says: “I hear a child’s laughter / verify the world.” So these poems of intense focus verify the power of metaphor “to transfer,” to carry us to places where the inherent meaning of our lives becomes clarified through comparisons. But Merle is like no one else. Wander, and enjoy! – Jessica Greenbaum, author of The Two Yvonnes


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September 01, 2014


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