Discovery By Design

By (author): Eric Damer

Over the past century mechanical engineers have helped to transform British Columbia from a frontier land of manual labour into a modern technological society. Many of those engineers began their careers as students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia.


Eric Damer

Eric Damer is a lifelong British Columbian born in Victoria, raised in Kamloops, and currently residing in Burnaby. After studying philosophy at the University of Victoria, he became interested in the educational forces that had shaped his own life. He completed masters and doctoral degrees in educational studies at the University of British Columbia with a particular interest in the history of adult and higher education in the province. Discovery by Design and No Ordinary Mike complement his earlier work on the history of UBC and contributes to a better understanding of how the university has helped to shape – and has been shaped by – life in the pacific province.


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226 Pages
9.4in * 6.4in * .81in


January 17, 2002


Ronsdale Press



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