Craft Perception and Practice, , Volume 3

The series of Craft Perception and Practice volumes gives recognition to the exciting new developments in contemporary craft practice and scholarship. This second volume brings together 22 essays and critical commentaries by 19 independent critics and curators, professional artists, art historians, and studio art instructors. Illustrated with 40 colour photographs of works by some of Canada’s finest craft artists, the texts represent the depth and range of critical thought about Canadian craft presented at symposiums and in exhibition catalogues and arts journals.


Paula Gustafson

Paula Gustafson, who passed away in July 2006, was both a contributor to and the editor of Craft Perception and Practice Volumes I, II and III. She was the well-known editor of Canada’s award-winning magazine Artichoke: Writings about the Visual Arts and a regular contributor to other visual art magazines in Canada, Australia, England and Hong Kong.


Nisse Gustafson

Nisse Gustafson is a writer living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is also a co-editor of the final volume in the series of Craft Perception and Practice books. Gustafson was a volunteer publishing assistant for Artichoke Publishing for seven years and was also an occasional contributor to Artichoke: Writings about the Visual Arts. She is Paula Gustafson’s daughter.


Amy Gogarty

Amy Gogarty is an artist, writer, and educator who recently relocated from Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she works full-time as an artist and researcher. She has presented her research focusing on contemporary issues in art and craft practice nationally and internationally in the form of numerous catalogue essays, reviews and conference presentations.


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March 01, 2008


Ronsdale Press



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