Canadian Theatre History

Edited by: Don Rubin

Written over the course of the twentieth century, the selections in Canadian Theatre History address the development of theatre in Canada: the influences of foreign touring syndicates, the Dominion Drama Festival, regional theatres, as well as the impacts of the Massey Commission, the Stratford Festival, and the alternative theatre movement..


Don Rubin

Theatre historian, writer, and critic, Professor Don Rubin is the executive editor of the six-volume World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre, the largest international cooperative project in the history of cultural publishing (Routledge 1995–2000). He was the founding editor of Canada’s national theatre journal, Canadian Theatre Review (CTR), which he edited from 1974 to 1982. Under his aegis, an active theatre book publishing program grew from CTR. Major titles have included the archival series Canada on Stage and the historical series Canada’s Lost Plays. Professor Rubin’s other publications include Canadian Theatre History: Selected Readings (Copp Clark, Toronto, 1996; 2nd ed. Playwrights Canada Press, 2004), the first sourcebook ever in Canadian theatre history. As a theatre critic, he has written for major journals, magazines, and newspapers worldwide. For several years he was a regular critic for the Toronto Star, CBC Radio, and the New Haven Register (Connecticut). Wid


“Invaluable.” —Professor Sherrill Grace, University of British Columbia
“Extraordinary… Don Rubin’s digging has produced both the orthodox and the radical, and his efforts to sow the roots of Canadian theatre today will allow students to understand theatre’s past and present in ways hitherto impossible.” —J.L. Granatstein, Historian, Professor Emeritus, York University
“Essential… this kind of discourse and dialectic suggests the importance of these documents in our cultural history… Canadian Theatre History is a kind of living history… our cultural elders explaining how our theatres and drama have developed, and suggesting possible future directions.” —Anton Wagner, Theatre Research in Canada


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August 01, 2004



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