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Looking for a Canadian play to produce, read, study? Canada On Stage: Scenes and Monologues provides an overview of contemporary Canadian theatre for just about any occasion. Just as in the ideal library/bookstore you would browse through the shelves until you found a play that perks your interest, meets your situation or fulfills your practical requirements, we hope you browse through these “shelves”, find the scene just right for you and then borrow or buy the full text of the play. There is no substitute for, and great pleasure to be had from, reading the full play.

Canada On Stage: Scenes and Monologues is drawn from around 50 plays produced in the past ten years. There is a significant flourishing of an exhilarating diversity of aesthetics, styles, techniques, themes, voices and vocabularies. We hope that this diversity will give you an opportunity to find that specific play that expands and gives expression to your vision and your needs.


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May 01, 2006



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