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By (author): Naomi Beth Wakan

Everyone’s favourite “old biddy from Gabriola Island,” Naomi Beth Wakan, captures a year of her obsessive reading in her new collection Book Ends: A year between the covers. This lively conversation covers almost every genre?fiction, essays, poetry, biography, science and the arts?and Naomi’s tart observations on both books and authors frees readers to consider what they actually enjoy reading, rather than what they have been told is good. Naomi’s compulsive reading rubs off on the reader, as they are encouraged to become more aware and involved in their own reading selection. Book Ends is a must for any book club member or bibliophile.


Naomi Beth Wakan

Naomi Beth Wakan lives on Gabriola Island in British Columbia. She was born in London, England, and immigrated to Canada where she raised her family. Naomi has authored education books, children’s books, and poetry collections, as well as non-fiction titles. She continues to write prolifically and now also conducts workshops on writing later in life.


Book Ends is chatty, disarming and sweetly sly, and all insatiable readers will find something enticing in its pages.” – Geist

“Wakan gently points me to the truth that not all the books we bring home have to be fiction or bibliophilic. She reads books about math and makes them sound compelling. This is not an easy thing to do.” – Nathalie Foy on Books about Books

“Her poems, other writing, and sense of humour definitely lifted the spirits of this reader and I’m sure others will find her enthusiasm for life and learning quite contagious.” – Story Circle Book Reviews


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April 15, 2010



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