Animal Library, The

By (author): Jason Camlot

The Animal Library marks the debut of a remarkable poet ó a poet of the flesh, his own and that of the animals he has lived with all his life, whether real or imaginary. Jason Camlotís father was a furrier and he grew up in a world where, inevitably, ìbaby fur gets in your eyesî or in ìyour mouth.î In dreams, the poet becomes a whale corpse ìwashed up/ on a very pale beach/ and hundreds of flies came,/ and people,/ to see the tusk,/ spun like coral glass.î And as the boy grows up, images, at once curiously literal and yet surreal ó images of being devoured or skinned alive ó stay with him. The beauty of this collection is one of the mot juste, a concreteness and precision, coupled with a superb sense of rhythm.

ó Marjorie Perloff

Critical Comment

ì…Camlotís graphic exactness adds to the power of his vivid, animated images.î

ó Betty Goodwin

ì…Camlotís style is rich and telling, taking us from smutty Chicago to ancient Greece, from the 19th century Decadents to modern biological polemics.î

ó Hour, 2001


Jason Camlot

Jason Camlot is the author of two collections of poetry, Attention All Typewriters and The Animal Library. His poems have appeared in New American Poetry, Queen Street Quarterly, and 100 Poets Against the War, among others. He teaches English Literature at Concordia University in Montreal.


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November 16, 2000


DC Books



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