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By (author): Clint Burnham

Drinkin’ rye and water with Grandma. Guns in False Creek. Frat boy homies from the North Delta ghetto. Samuel L. Jackson. Phantom Lord & Metallica. A kid who’s got the hots for his mom…’Hunh’? That’s right. It’s all here in this collection of immediate, lean and visceral short fiction from Clint Burnham.

“Stripped down language of the street (in this case, Vancouver streets) propels these hard-edged tales that feel like a punk mix of Tarantino and Bukowski.” – The Province

“Burnhamuses language vividly, has an observant eye and the ability to turn current events in to fiction.” – Broken Pencil Magazine


Clint Burnham

Clint Burnham’s most recent book is a new novel from Arsenal Pulp Press, ‘Smokeshow’. Burnham is also the author of ‘The Jamesonian Unconscious: The Aesthetics of Marxist Theory’, ‘Fatal Femmes: the poetry of Lynne Crosbie’, two collections of poetry, ‘Be Labour Reading’ and ‘Buddyland’, and numerous chapbooks. A new book of poetry is forthcoming from Anvil Press in 2007. Clint has served on the editorial collective of ‘Fuse’ magazine, was a contributing editor for ‘Paragraph’, and is currently on the editorial collective of ‘Boo’.


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184 Pages
6.83in * 4.48in * .51in


January 16, 1999



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