After Words

By (author): Stan Rogal

The idea for this collection was to offer a tip of the hat to people whose lives and/or works have influenced the author. Each piece is forwarded by a short background story as well as an epigram which provides some descriptive entry and flavour. The key was to construct these pieces in the author’s own style and voice and not fall into simple mimicry. Many names have been encrypted into the pieces as fractured homonyms, a sort of pun for the astute reader.


Stan Rogal

Stan Rogal was born in Vancouver where he worked for several years in the bowling business. He moved to Toronto in 1987 to complete an MA English at York University. He ran the popular Idler Pub Reading Series for ten years, was co-creator of Bald Ego Theatre and is now the artistic director of Bulletproof Theatre. He has published thirteen books (eight poetry, two novels, three short story collections) and his work has appeared in several anthologies and in numerous literary magazines in Canada, the US and Europe. He continues to act and direct and several of his plays have been produced across Canada.


Stan Rogal’s latest collection, After Words, offers a series of scintillating poetic responses to authors and artists from the recent and distant past. Rogal’s sophisticated awareness of poetic possibilities gestures to what happens outside the conventions of language, tilting beyond words, while pursuing after words. Throughout these meta-poetic portrayals, Rogal’s autobiographical narrator inhabits the realms of literary and artistic precursors including Artaud, Atwood, Bogart, Burroughs, Calvino, Cohen, Eliot, Nin, and Shakespeare. A series of brilliant tours-de-force while providing an inspirational tour of the art of words. – Karl Jirgens, Editor Rampike


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July 01, 2014


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