Smells Like Heaven

By Sally Cooper

Smells Like Heaven
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Sally Cooper

Sally Cooper is the author of two novels; Love Object and Tell Everything. Her third novel is forthcoming in 2018. She has been published in journals such as CNQ, Grain, White Wall Review, Event, and the Feathertale Review. She is a Senior Editor at Hamilton Review of Books and has an MA in Canadian & Commonwealth Literature from the University of Guelph and she taught English and writing at Humber College for 23 years, and also was a mentor for the Humber School for Writers correspondence program. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario. Smells Like Heaven is her first short fiction collection.


In gorgeously evocative prose, Cooper depicts and makes heartbreakingly palpable the evolution of imperfect lives. Her characters, full of sharp desires they can't outrun, seeking connection and solace at almost any cost, remind us of what it is to be human, frail, even blind. Cooper is a writer of extraordinary gifts. - Kelli Deeth, author of The Other Side of Youth"The best lies, she believes, are close to truth. " This line from Sally Cooper's story collection, Smells Like Heaven, captures the feeling of quest in Cooper's characters as they set out and sometimes return to home in a small town, exploring love, friendship, and the creation of new families. This collection is deeply felt by a writer who dares tell fiction's truth. -Kim Echlin, author of Under the Visable LifeSally Cooper's stories hold a strange beauty and offer canny wisdom about life's injustices and mercies as they twist and untwist the kinks of linked lives. - Catherine Bush, author of Accusation

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