Hockey 365, The Second Period

By Mike Commito

Hockey 365, The Second Period
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More hockey history for every day of the year!

Celebrate hockey history with Hockey 365, The Second Period and be reminded of why you love hockey every day of the year. Whether you are a long-suffering Leafs fan or you cheer for a team that has actually won a Stanley Cup in the ... Read more


More hockey history for every day of the year!

Celebrate hockey history with Hockey 365, The Second Period and be reminded of why you love hockey every day of the year. Whether you are a long-suffering Leafs fan or you cheer for a team that has actually won a Stanley Cup in the last half-century, this compendium will give you a hockey-history fix no matter your allegiance. From the National Hockey League’s humble beginnings to the empty seats of the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Mike Commito has gone back into the vault to bring you even more hockey history. So, get ready, the second period is about to begin.

Mike Commito

Mike Commito is the author of Hockey 365: Daily Stories from the Ice. He is a hockey historian and writer, whose work has appeared on the Athletic, Sportsnet, VICE Sports, and in the Hockey News. Since 2018, Mike has been a regular contributor for the LA Kings. Mike lives in Sudbury, Ontario.



As snowflakes dusted the ice at Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills, the National Hockey League (NHL) couldn’t have scripted a better backdrop for the inaugural Winter Classic, the first regular-season outdoor game played in the United States. Following regulation and five minutes of overtime, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres were still deadlocked at 1–1. Despite the drop in temperature and blowing snow, the more than 70,000 people in the crowd were fixated on Sidney Crosby as he approached the puck at centre ice. Crosby, the league’s rising superstar, had the opportunity to put the game away with his shootout attempt. In that moment, it was difficult, even for the most ardent cynic, not to be nostalgic about hockey. As the snow sprinkled down, it hearkened back to hockey’s roots on frozen ponds where many players experienced the game for the first time. Penguins forward Colby Armstrong, who scored the first goal in the game, later told reporters that it reminded him of his childhood, a sentiment that undoubtedly resonated with fans alike.

Even Crosby, the league’s best player, couldn’t help but get caught up in the occasion. Growing up in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Crosby played hockey outside a lot, sharpening his skills, and now, on the NHL’s biggest stage, it was reminiscent of those childhood memories. As he skated in on Buffalo goaltender Ryan Miller, Crosby skillfully shovelled the puck through snow that had accumulated on the ice. In a last-ditch effort, Miller tried to poke-check him, but Crosby evaded him and put the puck between his pads. As Crosby skated back toward his teammates, he gleefully raised his arms in jubilant celebration. In the years that have passed, the Winter Classic, along with the Heritage Classic and Stadium Series games, has brought the NHL outside. While some have argued that the frequency of these spectacles has made it impossible to recapture the magic from that moment in Buffalo, it’s difficult not to get caught up in those games and think back to your own memories of playing hockey on an outdoor rink.


The game of hockey is built on passion not just the passion of its players and coaches but on the passion of people like Mike Commito and that is revealed in every page in this fun and informative book.

Mike Commito's latest collection of stories in Hockey 365 evokes the best type of nostalgia for any hockey fan. It is an honour to have my "Bonino, Bonino, Bonino" call from Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi represented amidst so many other great memories and stories of the game. I will be sure to use this book as a resource when preparing to call games in the future!

The only thing better than Hockey 365 is a followup edition called Hockey 365, The Second Period. Once again historian Mike Commito has scoured the world of hockey from various generations and leagues to assemble an interesting, enlightening and at times funny collection of stories from every day of the year. Who knew Gordie Howe coached one NHL game? Or that South Korea trounced Thailand 92-0 in an international game? Or that pop star Ariana Grande was hit by pucks on the right wrist and then the left wrist at a very young age while attending separate Florida Panthers' home games? Commito gets full credit for this edition, in particular providing content about the contributions of Black and women players.

Hockey's version of an advent calendar, with a treat of a story for every day of the year.

Hockey 365 is a fun tour through hockey history. Well-researched, original, and filled with a ton of entertaining anecdotes — this book is a wonderful reminder of why we love the game.

Hockey 365 is a hockey fan's treat. Mike Commito shares so many good stories that will grow your love for the game.

Take a trip through the colourful history of the NHL with this thoroughly enjoyable book. Mike makes the journey a fun ride by presenting to you facts, and figures, in easily digestible bits. Highly recommended!

A great framework here — the daily hockey story — for peculiar, dramatic, near-forgotten, outrageous, and heroic narratives that have sailed with the game's sea of history.

Mike proves that the game never stops. You'll learn new stories and be brought back to familiar ones that made you fall in love with hockey in the first place.

I've been a fan of Mike's for years and this book did not disappoint whatsoever. It's the perfect mix of storytelling and history of the game. Mike is a master of weaving them together and every day I learn something new from him about the game we love.

If you're a hockey fan you have to read this book. I was blown away by all of the great stories, stats, and hockey news that I didn't know. The day-by-day stories were a really fun way to learn about this great sport. It was cool to read about stories from the inception of the game all the way through to 2020. I've read a lot of hockey books and this one kept me engaged the whole time. Good for all ages!

Hockey 365, The Second Period has something for every hockey fan. Whether you've been studying the game since I was in the crease or you're just getting into the sport now, this book is bound to teach you some things and remind you why you love hockey.

This book is a must-read for hockey history fans, with so many facts and figures so well-researched and explained.

If hockey history and great stories are your thing, Mike Commito's second volume of Hockey 365 is most definitely for you.

Mike Commito has done it again. Hockey 365, The Second Period is chock full of fun and fascinating stories about hockey that informs and entertains readers. Whether it's a well-known fact or a piece of obscure trivia, Commito's prose brings the events of the past to life and makes you want to jump a day ahead to see what happened tomorrow. It's the perfect gift for the hockey fan in your life.

As an author of more than 90 hockey books, I know a good literary job on our favourite sport when I see it — and read it. Mike Commito also could be nicknamed "Mike Committed," as his work has proven. His research is both impeccable and impressive. The bottom line; when in need of research for some ice facts, I go to Mike's Hockey 365 books. He scores for me every time.

A friendly warning for hockey lovers — Hockey 365, The Second Period is seriously addictive. Once you start reading, the hardest part will be stopping.

Mike Commito has done it again. The author pinballs through hockey history, scooping up the intriguing, easy-to-digest tales from both the ice and the boardrooms. Commito's rich knowledge of and deep love for the game seeps through in his daily flashbacks, like the time Gordie Howe tried coaching or Phil Kessel stuffed the Stanley Cup full of hot dogs.

Once again, Mike Commito combines his vast knowledge and passion for hockey history in an unparalleled collection of the game's best stories. Hockey 365, The Second Period is an addictive read, filled with fascinating details about the moments and legends that captivate us.

Whether you're a hockey diehard or a relatively new fan, it can be hard to grasp the full range of the sport's history. From the amazing to the embarrassing, tear-jerking to hilarious, noble to the bizarre, this game never stops serving up stories. And if you think you know them all, Mike Committo's Hockey 365 series will remind you that there's always another tale to discover.

Looking forward to a game and circling the date on the calendar is great, but I'll take making a date to read Mike Commito and the greatest games circling back any day.

For the hockey fan in your life Hockey 365 has everything. From the Golden Goal to Kendall Coyne Schofield's All-Star lap to David Ayres to my brother Craig scoring his 50th goal. It was fun to relive so many hockey moments, a new one each day, some famous and some infamous. A thoroughly entertaining read.

Endlessly fascinating. Despite how much I learned I actually feel dumber for not knowing how much I didn't know.

Hockey 365, The Second Period: More Daily Stories from the Ice features more old-school hockey stories, formed into easily digestible tidbits — perfect for today's attention span. From events in hockey history that most fans remember to the moments that may have otherwise gone forgotten, Mike's book has something for everyone. As a big fan of the women's game, I particularly appreciate Mike's inclusion of some of the greatest moments in women's hockey history too!

Great read on hockey history that will spark your love of the game and the players who helped grow it.

This is such a great way to remember some amazing hockey history. Looking at the entry about my trade to the Leafs brought me right back to that exact moment. As a fan, I got excited seeing things from when I was a kid. I was watching when Bobby Orr's number was retired. I even learned a thing or two (Montreal and Detroit played in Paris!). A must-read for anyone who loves hockey.

Mike Commito has done it again with a good idea, well executed. Hockey 365, The Second Period follows up on his Hockey 365, it's basically a "This Day in History" telling of the most compelling stories in hockey. Perfect as an introduction to sport if you're a new fan or an oldtimer nostalgic for the old days, or simply into history, like when the first Stanley Cup was awarded (May 15, 1893), or hockey trivia, like how Nathan Horton got credit for a goal in a game in which he didn't play (April 9, 2014). Written as a story-a-day per page, it can be enjoyed over a few sittings, or over 365 days.

From recent stories to historical ones, Hockey 365, The Second Period is a great trip through history to discuss daily with not only your hockey friends, but all sports fans.

A fun primer on hockey history presented in 365 easy-to-digest nuggets. Something that will appeal to hockey fans, young and old, experienced or raw newcomers.

You needn't be a historian to enjoy Hockey 365, The Second Period. Mike's curiosity, superb research skills, and attention to the finest details highlight some of the great, well-known moments in hockey and some of the fascinating off-beat events, too. His first Hockey 365 was a true delight, as is this welcome addition to it. Here's hoping Mike has a Third Period in mind, as well as Overtime and Shootout volumes, too.

Hockey 365 is the ultimate fan's daily inspirational devotional. Start each morning right with a quick, cool, or unusual hockey fact — it will set the path for a fantastic day, no matter what time of year.

I loved Mike's book. It's perfect for random fact and trivia nerds like us. Pick it up for five minutes and you'll either learn ten new things, get a healthy dose of nostalgia, or both.

An entertaining and captivating book that shares hockey stories from both the men's and women's game.

Hockey 365, The Second Period is light and fun, but somehow still packed with trivia from every era of the game. A perfect one-a-day or in-one-sitting read. You won't even realize you're learning!

Hockey stitches our country together from coast-to-coast and generation-to-generation. Like a square on a quilt, each story can bring you back to moments of joy shared with those close to you. Whether it be family, friends, or the shared allegiance of fandom, like a quilt, this book will warm your heart.

Hockey 365, The Second Period is like a daily supplement of hockey vitamins. Mike Commito‘s highly recommended dosage includes a full year’s worth of stories; from the legends Howe, Orr and the Rocket to Gretzky, Lemieux and Crosby. From the Stanley Cup to Olympic glory, stories of the game changers like Willie O’Ree and Kendall Coyne Schofield, and the offbeat from David Ayres to Ariana Grande. Hockey 365, The Second Period rekindles old memories and uncovers forgotten folklore. And you’ll find out how Mike almost lost his job, on the day I called the "Golden Goal. " Hockey 365, The Second Period is another great year for hockey!

What caught me was the blend of knowledge and history. Hockey 365, The Second Period is filled with historical details shared in stories that cover every day of the year. Whether you’re a hockey lifer or a fringe fan, this book provides a great account of many of the games defining moments and experiences.

This book is a must for hockey traditionalists and new fans alike. It is an interesting look at the game through the eyes of an experienced hockey historian, and his passion pays off in the writing. I read it twice . .. so far!

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