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  • Opposite Identicals

    Opposite Identicals


    A Junior Library Guild Pick!
    Opposite Identicals is a non-stop adrenaline rush from start to finish. Deborah Kerbel has written two unforgettable characters who take turns telling the story. Kids of all ages will race through this book, desperate to find out what will happen to the twins when catastrophe strikes in a near future world, changed forever by climate crisis. Don’t miss this one!” – Carol Matas, author of A Struggle for Hope and Past Crimes
    Opposite Identicals is an upper middle grade novel set in the very near future – a time when climate change has irreversibly altered our planet and lifestyles. Nova and Joule are fourteen-year old twins whose scientist parents have recently uprooted the family from their urban home and moved to the country on a year-long research assignment, studying the effects of GMO ‘SuperCrop’ farming on the environment in the final regulatory phase before global expansion.
    Surrounded by nature and quiet, open spaces, shy, bookish Nova is in heaven. But Joule – whose life’s ambition is to be famous and reach a million Hollagram followers – is desperate to escape. One day, Joule gets her wish, although not in a way anyone ever expected. In an instant, she’s gone – swallowed up by a mysterious sinkhole under her bedroom floor. Suddenly twinless, Nova is forced to step in and lead the search for her missing sister. But can she face her fears and figure out what caused the sinkhole in time to save Joule?
    Told from alternating points of view, it’s a fantastical adventure about overcoming obstacles, self-discovery, and environmental awareness.
    “With suspense, adventure, and plenty of creepy crawlies, Opposite Identicals will have fans of Stranger Things looking at the ground below and wondering, ‘what if?’ Nail biting suspense, sisterly love, and subterranean adventures make for an exciting middle grade sci fi read!” – Colleen Nelson, author of The Undercover Book List
    “Opposite Identicals is a fast paced, heart pumping thrill ride into the near ecological future or . . . nightmare. Two twins, day and night, totally different until it counts. Buckle in!” – Teresa Toten, author of Eights Days and The Unlikely Hero of Room 13b
    “A fast-paced story that grabbed me and kept me reading till the end.” – Mahtab Narsimhan

  • Peanut Butter and Pandemonium

    Peanut Butter and Pandemonium


    “Fun, original, and unreservedly recommended” – Midwest Book Review
    On Goat Loops, in the realm of Niff, Sam learns a scary new truth about the Son of the Solstice prophecy, one his long-absent mother had neglected to tell him. Not only is he destined to fight an ancient sorcerer, but it will result in his certain death. As Sam’s powers grow, he and his half-giant friend chase mysterious no-magic pockets, battle annoying, bitey dokkas, and look for a way to save the worlds – and his own skin.
    Peanut Butter and Pandemonium is Book 2 in The Mythic Adventures of Samuel Templeton!

  • Quid Pro Crow

    Quid Pro Crow


    100 years in our future, in a climate-ravaged world, Mordecai Crow continues to search for his long lost family. With his young friend Podd, Crow follows the trail deep into dangerous Luddite territory. There, new allies offer hope for Crow’s quest, but that hope is accompanied by grave risks. Not only are their lives in constant danger from Luddite attacks and the treacherous dystopian landscape they must traverse, but their friendship will be strained to breaking point.

    Will Crow and Podd be able to unlock the secrets hidden in newly discovered old tech? What mysteries lurk within the fabled Tesla Firewall?

    Does Flood Town harbour the answer to Mordecai Crow’s quest or a deadly trap?

    All will be revealed in Quid, Pro, Crow, the thrilling second book in the Mordecai Crow trilogy.

  • Secrets of Jarrow

    Secrets of Jarrow


    Mordecai Crow must solve a mysterious murder to clear his name in a world ravaged by its past.

    What is the true price of knowledge? Mordecai Crow embarks on a perilous quest for answers on a world ravaged by its past.

    The secrets of the past have been lost. Knowledge is forbidden, the climate has run wild, and civilization has devolved into post-technological anarchy. In the midst of this wasteland, Mordecai Crow, a drifter in search of his long-lost parents, becomes embroiled in a murderous conspiracy when he seeks refuge in a fortress committed to preserving ancient knowledge. What secrets lie at the heart of its ancient walls? And how are they connected to Mordecai’s mysterious past? Find out in Secrets of Jarrow, book one in the Mordecai Crow trilogy.

  • The Golden Apples

    The Golden Apples


    Jack may be good at following recipes, but he’s not very good at following directions. When his two older brothers fail to find the golden bird that made off with their father’s prized golden apples, Jack steps up for the job.

    But there are many challenges to be faced along the way; without the help of a fast and friendly fox, Jack just might not make it. With a smart princess who loves grunge rock, angry kings, magic animals, conniving siblings, and tempting casinos, this delightful re-mix of an old Cape Breton Jack tale seamlessly blends modern and ancient. Acclaimed Canadian storyteller Dan Yashinsky brings wit and whimsy to this wonder tale. Ekaterina Khlebnikova’s brilliant illustrations blend old and new creating a gorgeous visual world; a perfect complement to Yashinsky’s re-telling. Together they serve up a book that will delight readers and listeners of all ages.

  • The Heathens and the Dragon

    The Heathens and the Dragon


    A middle-grade medieval adventure starring two orphans, a troubadour with dancing feet, and an irascible pet chicken by an award-winning YA writer.

    From award-winning author Kate A. Boorman comes her first middle grade historical novel, set in France in the Middle Ages at a time of great religious upheaval. The Heathens and the Dragon: A 13th-Century Adventure stars twelve-year-old Elodie, a resourceful guardian to her little brother Bertran. Together they perform for their very survival.

    Elodie works hard to keep a clean house for her master, take care of her little brother, and guard the secret pagan beliefs she was taught by the mother they recently lost. But the world around her is growing suspicious of paganism and violent toward non-Christians. When Crusaders arrive to arrest her kindly master, a Cathar, for heresy, he flees, and the orphans Elodie and Bertran try to follow his trail.

    Armed only with meagre supplies and a few good stories, they head into the forest, where they soon become lost. Luckily, they join forces with Joie, who has mysteriously left court life and appears eager to help them. To earn money and food, the trio improvises a spectacle involving storytelling, music, and a chicken-assisted magic trick. The crowd’s applause almost allows Elodie to forget that her dragon tale dishonours an origin story sacred to her mother.

    When Joie’s own secrets emerge, Elodie is faced with a new dilemma. With Crusaders hovering and a voracious audience clamouring, Elodie realizes that, to save herself and Bertran, she?ll need to decide who to trust&mdashand who to betray.

  • The Loxleys and Confederation

    The Loxleys and Confederation


    Double Award Winning Graphic Novel. 2016 Alberta Book Awards Children’s/YA Book of the Year and Illustrated Book Award Winner. The follow up to the award winning The Loxleys and the War of 1812, this full colour hardcover graphic novel catches up with the Loxley family in 1864 as new economic and military threats from America once again place the Canadas in grave danger.

    The story is told as a travelogue, as reporter George Loxley follows attempts to bring the provinces together, joined by his daughter Ruth, and granddaughter Lilian. It is Lilian’s diary entries and her developing love story that threads the history together.

    Claude St. Aubin once again brings his artistic mastery to the subject and Pierre Berton Award Winner Mark Zuehlke takes primary writing duties with both the graphic novel script and historical summary. The book contains 65 comic book pages and an illustrated historical summary written in the style of Lilian’s diary entries.

    Free study guide available.

  • The Possible Lives of W.H., Sailor

    The Possible Lives of W.H., Sailor


    ?What truths would you utter from your mouth
    If you could tell us your story?
    ? The Possible Lives of W.H., Sailor

    In this powerful and deeply moving poetic narrative, author/artist Bushra Junaid gives presence to W.H., a mysterious nineteenth-century sailor whose remains were discovered in Labrador in the late 1980s. What little can be deduced about W.H. archaeologically is that he was of African heritage, and buried alone on the coast of a forbidding landscape. Junaid?s poem embraces the mystery of W.H., ponders his life?who he might have been, how he might have lived? and in so doing not only offers a daring look at the history of the African experience in North America, but claims as kin a man isolated, alone, and until now, forgotten.

    The Possible Lives of W.H., Sailor was inspired by ?What Carries Us: Newfoundland and Labrador in the Black Atlantic?, an exhibition that Junaid curated at The Rooms (St. John?s, NL) in 2020. The book includes a timeline about the Black experience in North America, as well as helpful material for further discussion.

  • The Rock Box

    The Rock Box


    Petra loves rocks, and collects them with a passion. She keeps them in her bedroom, in the kitchen cupboards, between the cushions of the living-room sofa, even in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Petra?s parents do not love rocks. At least, not as much as Petra does. To convince her to winnow down her collection, her parents offer her a wonderful treasure?a rock box, with a selection of the rocks and minerals found in her home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. But, wait, is one of those rocks winking at her? Acclaimed Canadian poet Don McKay creates a charming tale of geology and deep time and connection in his first children?s book.

  • Wilhelm, the Hedgehog

    Wilhelm, the Hedgehog


    Wilhelm is a hedgehog who lives in a park in the city. Unlike most hedgehogs who sleep in the day and eat and explore in the evening, Wilhelm is curious and wants to know a bit more about the daytime world — especially about Light and the sun. His friends try to dissuade him, but eventually realize that Wilhelm won’t be convinced to behave like a “normal” hedgehog. So instead they work together to help him achieve his dream.

    A charming tale about being yourself, following your dreams, and about the friends who help you, Wilhelm the Hedgehog was originally published in Ukraine in 2017. It celebrates creativity, inspiration, and community.