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Whether you’re new to graphic novels – or read so many that you practically think in thought bubbles – this Bookville-approved selection of graphic novels and comics are perfect for any reader looking for engaging illustrations to accompany their reading.

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  • Fire Monster

    Fire Monster


    Would you return to the landscape you watched burn as a child, especially if you and everyone else believed that the manic, wind-fuelled, merciless fire was your fault?

    Set in a fictional version of the real Main-à-Dieu, Nova Scotia, where a 1976 wildfire caused catastrophic devastation, The Fire Monster, tells the tale of a skilled oil sands worker who returns to the Cape Breton fishing village where, as a child, he was blamed for causing the fire that tore through the local community, consuming bush, trees, houses, boats, cars, animals and the century-old gothic church. At once a poetry collection, a story inspired by true events, and a visually stunning comic-book adventure, The Fire Monster is a mixed genre story for the ages that explores the aftermath of tragedy, the frayed bonds of friendship and family, and ’s redemptive power.

  • Little Russia

    Little Russia


    Guyenne is a small village north-east of Amos. Unlike other communities in Abitibi, Guyenne is a cooperative: 50% of all the money its inhabitants make goes to developing the colony. People in the vicinity have a nickname for it: they call it “Little Russia.” Inspired by the story of his grandparents, who lived in Guyenne from 1948 to 1968, Little Russia sees author Francis Desharnais delving into his own family’s past to explore Quebec’s rural heritage through the lens of both grassroots socialism and early feminism. An intimate story of epic scale, Little Russia is a fascinating foray into an unusual and largely forgotten social experiment.

  • Lonely Boys

    Lonely Boys


    After a year of radio silence, Ella bursts back into the lives of her former roommates, Jen and Lucie. Her intentions seem simple enough: she wants to mend fences and regain their trust. But it won’t be that easy. Lonely Boys is a story of friendship, sisterhood and self-affirmation. It captures life at twenty-something as three young women navigate the challenges of work, sex and romantic relationships, all the while trying to hold on to the connection they share despite the hurt it carries.

    What can be done about the friendships that are bound to break your heart?

  • Naked: The Confessions of a Normal Woman

    Naked: The Confessions of a Normal Woman


    In this unabashed and uncensored personal memoir, author Éloïse Marseille examines her sexual education (and miseducation), from a forbidden first kiss with a female best friend in Catholic school to her exposure to the extremes of online porn, fumbling hookups, and navigating the complexities of lust and love in the modern era… But most importantly of all, the author’s nuanced relationship with her own body, sexuality, and self. A raw, hilarious, and deeply touching book, Naked: The Confessions of a Normal Woman makes a powerful case for a sexual politics that is open, demystified, and free of shame.

  • The Adventures of Sgoobidoo

    The Adventures of Sgoobidoo

    By: Cathon

    Follow Sgoobidoo, famed canine detective, to the corner store, bingo hall and amusement park in a series of feeble intrigues with disappointing endings. Listen to the deafening silence of the broken television set as the wretched Sammy sits waiting for the professor, the prospector or his mother to call with a mission. Accompany the pitiful pooch and his humble human through a series of sad adventures in this collection of stories gathered in the familiar format of an Archie digest, interspersed with ketchup-flavoured games and advertisements.
    In The Adventures of Sgoobidoo, Cathon pays homage once again to the B-series movies and detective novels that inspiredi The Pineapples of Wrath, her popular tiki murder mystery set in the Hawaiian quarter of Trois-Rivières, Quebec.