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Shakuntala Hawoldar

Shakuntala Hawoldar was born in Bombay, India on September 15, 1944. She lives in Mauritius where she settled in 1968 with her husband and children. Her husband passed on in 1989. She presently stays in Mauritius with her son Siddharth and family. She is an educationist of long standing and a well-known poet and short story writer in Mauritius and abroad. She has published several collections of poems in English which have been translated into French, Russian, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil. She is presently the president of the Mauritian Writers Association, dedicated to building budding literary talents in Mauritius notwithstanding the extremely complex nature of the cultural linguistic landscape. She also is the president of Women’s Federation for World Peace which is an international non-governmental agency promoting educational and social interests of youth and adolescents in Mauritius fostering and counseling parents and teachers. She has been running the Osho meditation center at her residence for many years opening doors to young and old, seeking the truth of vedanta of oneness of unity, love and peace.

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