About The Author

Dr. Philip Johnson

Dr. Phil Johnson is an accomplished life coach to diplomats, major CEO’s and celebrities, as well as an ordained minister and practicing pastor at the New Day Community Church. He has spent many years overseas working in slums from Africa to Southeast Asia to South America and he has participated in major international events such as the United Nations World Peace Conference in Israel in 1999.He has four decades of experience helping organizations including corporate (Ford, IBM, DuPont), professional (National Retail Federation, Million Dollar Round Table, Auto Dealer Associations), and charitable (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Eden Church, Daystar University in Nairobi, United Way), to focus on their future, develop practical strategies, and act purposefully and profitably.Dr. Johnson has published six previous books: Time-Out! Restoring Your Passion for Life, Love and Work (Stoddart, 1992); Celebrating the Seasons with Children (Pilgrim Press, 1984); More Celebrating the Seasons with Children (Pilgrim Press, 1985); And More Celebrating the Seasons with Children (Pilgrim Press, 1986); Goodbye Mom, Goodbye (Welch Publishing, 1987); and The Great Canadian Alphabet Book (Hounslow Press, 1981). He has also written three commissioned musicals and over a hundred articles.

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