Women Poets

Women Poets
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Unearthing Secrets, Gathering Truths

By Jules Arita Koostachin

Finalist for the 2019 Indigenous Voices Award in Published Poetry in English. To unearth our secrets means we must face our past, and in doing so, we will find our voice. Unearthing of Secrets: Gathering of Truths explores the heartfelt and evocative fragmented experiences through ... Read more

î-nitotamahk kîsik

By Rosanna Deerchild
Translated by Solomon Ratt

"î-nitotamahk kîsik" is a poetry collection in Cree that describes deep personal experiences and post-generational effects of the Canadian Aboriginal residential school confinements in the 1960s when thousands of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit children were placed in these ... Read more

Standing in the Flock of Connections

By Heather Cadsby

Poems that skitter between life and death, "sleep and hurry,"
at their heart a kind of tender panic.


By turns funny, frank, mysterious, and heartbreaking, Standing in the Flock of Connections, Heather Cadsby's fifth collection of poetry, is one hundred proof associative ... Read more


By Agnes Walsh
Edited by Stan Dragland

A new collection by Newfoundland poet Agnes Walsh, her first since the release of Going Around With Bachelors (2007). Born and brought up in Placentia, Newfoundland, Walsh studied folklore in Georgia (USA), before returning home and taking to writing works founded in her love ... Read more

Practical Anxiety

By Heidi Greco

These poems dwell in the hearth of domesticity, but they look beyond the confines of the home with clear eyes. Boldly unafraid, they confront the realities of climate change, the desecration of habitat, some quiet truths about aging and death. There is no doubt that these are ... Read more

Paper Caskets

By Emilia Danielewska

Emilia Danielewska's debut book of prose-poetry reveals the dead. Divided into four parts, Paper Caskets proposes a poetics of the box -- as coffin, as prose parameters of the page, as photograph, and as state of mind and body in the face of death. From the act of photographing ... Read more

Dividing the Wayside

By Jenny Haysom

Winner: 2019 Archibald Lampman Award. Finalist: 2019 Gerald Lampert Award

Stained With the Colours of Sunday Morning

By Rayanne Haines

Isabella Caro, born in Florence at the de-occupation of Italy in WW2 is a woman shaped by the resilience of her country and a thirst for knowledge.

In this fictional Novel-in-Verse we take a journey through one woman's life, told from the perspective of three characters: Isabella, ... Read more

As Long As the Sun Shines

By Janet Rogers

This poetry collection creatively reveals the beautiful and bitter essences of the world from a distinctive Indigenous female voice. Speaking from her unique Mohawk perspective, the poet unapologetically sings words of wisdom and cultural confidence. By using this creative foundation ... Read more