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With winter looming and pandemic life in full swing, staying at home is the new national hobby.

Luckily, we have good books to keep us company.

Canadian Independent literary presses publish books that reflect the richness and diversity of Canadian stories. Whether your taste is fiction, memoir, poetry, plays, or graphic novels, indie presses gift us with inventive, edgy, award-winning, homegrown books that inspire, awaken, challenge, and provoke.

Books on All Lit Up belong to some of Canada's best independent presses—all of which are small businesses. And now, more than ever, we want our purchases to support local companies, not internet giants.

Scroll down to discover, buy, and collect their new releases.

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Stella Atlantis

By Susan Perly

When novelist Johnny Coma's daughter comes back from the dead as a talking octopus, will he be finally be able to write her story? Will his estranged wife, renowned war photographer Vivienne Pink, believe him? In this stunning follow-up to her visionary desert novel Death Valley ... Read more

The Only Card in a Deck of Knives

By Lauren Turner

In these poems, Turner aims to reclaim the "hysterical" label given to women throughout history. Rather than shy away from the emotional urgency and raw vulnerability surrounding a terminal diagnosis, she shines an interrogative light upon it. Fascinated and repelled by the ... Read more

Mnidoo Bemaasing Bemaadiziwin

By Theresa Turmel

Mnidoo Bemaasing Bemaadiziwin is a twenty-five year research and community based book. It brings forward Indigenous thought, history, and acts of resistance as viewed through the survivors of residential school who through certain aspects of their young lives were able to persevere ... Read more

Storying Violence

By Gina Starblanket & Dallas Hunt

In August of 2016, Cree youth Colten Boushie was shot dead by Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley. Using colonial and socio-political narratives that underlie white rural settler life, the authors position the death of Boushie and trial of Stanley in relation to Indigenous histories ... Read more

My Claustrophobic Happiness

By Jeanne Randolph

Inspired by Athanasius' The Temptations of St. Anthony in which the protagonist is repeatedly beset by desert demons, My Claustrophobic Happiness offers La Betty, a wealthy condo inhabitant whose cloistered consumer object worship provides her with fragile protection against ... Read more

Perimeter's Ridge

By (artist) Ferdinando Spina

This collection of paintings and writings by Fred Spina is a much-awaited sequel to his Arctic Notes and Prairie Places published by Bayeux Arts.

Conscious Grief & Loss Guide

By Lise Leblanc

None of us want to experience the loss of a loved one, but the sad reality is we've all experienced it, and it is certain that grief will come knocking many times throughout our lives. A psychotherapist for more than twenty years, Lise Leblanc has learned that we are rarely ... Read more

Eskimo Pie: A Poetics of Inuit Identity

By Norma Dunning

Eskimo Pie: A Poetics of Inuit Identity examines Dunning's lived history as an Inuk who was born, raised and continues to live south of sixty. Her writing takes into account the many assimilative practices that Inuit continue to face and the expectations of mainstream as to what ... Read more