We Stand on Guard: A Hope Reading List for Seemingly Hopeless Times

We Stand on Guard: A Hope Reading List for Seemingly Hopeless Times
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These are books about Indigenous Peoples, Queerness, Race, sexuality, reproductive rights, poverty, Islam, the environment. About being women, being persons of colour, being LGBT, being truly from here and told you're not, being from elsewhere and told you're not welcome, being shamed for your choices, being shamed for your reality.

We refuse to be complacent in the wake of this horrific election, and we're starting by reading these revolutionary works. Thanks to all of the authors and publishers that lent their strength to these books.

And for the record, we were saying boo. View books in this list

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Hot, Wet, and Shaking

By Kaleigh Trace

This is a sex book. It’s a book about having sex by yourself, with one person, or with twenty people if everyone is down. It’s about saying words like cunt, fuck, and come. But it’s also about the things we don’t talk about-the mystery, the expectations, and the bullshit ... Read more

even this page is white

By Vivek Shraya

Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature winner

Lambda Literary Award finalist

Longlisted for Canada Reads

As a writer, musician, performance artist, and filmmaker, Vivek Shraya has, over the course of the last few years, established herself as a tour de ... Read more

Witness, I Am

By Gregory Scofield

Witness, I Am is divided into three gripping sections of new poetry from one of Canada's most recognized poets. The first part of the book, "Dangerous Sound," contains contemporary themed poems about identity and belonging, undone and rendered into modern sound poetry. "Muskrat ... Read more

Calling Down the Sky

By Rosanna Deerchild

"Calling Down the Sky" is a poetry collection that describes deep personal experiences and post generational effects of the Canadian Aboriginal Residential School confinements in the 1950's when thousands of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit children were placed in these schools ... Read more

Wabigoon River Poems

By David Groulx
Edited by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

These are Indigenous poems in a global context, tackling philosophy, history, epistemology, and placing Indigenous struggles alongside other battles, other atrocities, other genocides. Wabigoon River Poems draws upon Indigenous knowledge and traditions while pushing at the boundaries ... Read more

Tell: Poems for a Girlhood

By Soraya Peerbaye
Edited by Beth Follett

A collection of poems partially based on the Reena Virk murder case. Virk was an Asian adolescent whose drowned body was found in the Gorge Waterway in a Victoria, BC suburb, in 1997. Some of the poems use found material from court transcripts. The murder made international ... Read more

Burning in this Midnight Dream

By Louise Bernice Halfe

Burning in the Midnight Dream is the latest collection of poems by Louise Bernice Halfe. Many were written in response to the grim tide of emotions, memories, dreams and nightmares that arose in her as the Truth and Reconciliation process unfolded.In heart-wrenching detail, ... Read more


By Sarah Barmak




We think of the modern woman as sexually liberated – if anything, we’re told we’re oversexed. Yet a striking number of women are dissatisfied with their sex lives. Over half ... Read more

Notes from a Feminist Killjoy

By Erin Wunker

Winner of the Atlantic Book Awards 2017 Margaret and John Savage First Book Award
Winner of the East Coast Literary Awards 2017 Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Award
Finalist for the 2017 Atlantic Book Award for Scholarly Writing

Erin Wunker is a feminist killjoy, and she thinks ... Read more