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Short Story Collections
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The short story has been having a bit of a renaissance ever since Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize for Literature and confirmed what every Canadian already knew--Canadians know how to write short stories. If you like to read short stories, we have many fantastic collections for you to get lost in for awhile. View books in this list

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Middle-Aged Boys & Girls

By Diane Bracuk

We all know adults who are stranded in the amber of adolescence. Growing older but not necessarily growing up, is the central theme of these stories, featuring characters who, to varying degrees, are stuck in adolescent roles of rebel, outcast, enfant terrible and cool kid. ... Read more


By Daniel Perry

The stories in this collection represent the coming of age of a young writer. His earliest published work is here along with his later more sophisticated literary efforts. Perry’s fiction explores contemporary life mostly in urban centres like Toronto, though they are not ... Read more


By Nathaniel G. Moore

Nathaniel G. Moore follows up his 2014 ReLit Award win for Savage with a diverse collection of short fiction, his first, Jettison, featuring stories which dangle somewhere between horror and romance. "Jaws" explores a father's desire to over-share the erotic origins of his children's ... Read more

Somewhere a Long and Happy Life Probably Awaits You

By Jill Sexsmith

Somewhere a Long and Happy Life Probably Awaits You explores the peculiar places we look for validation, for purpose, for a life we might recognize as wholly our own. The off-kilter heroes and heroines in Jill Sexsmith's debut collection of short stories find themselves camping ... Read more

Bad Things Happen

By Kris Bertin

The characters in Bad Things Happen — professors, janitors, webcam models, small-time criminals — are between things. Between jobs and marriages, states of sobriety, joy and anguish; between who they are and who they want to be. Kris Bertin's unforgettable debut introduces ... Read more

The Jokes

By Stephen Thomas

We sit, hunched over the words that appear on our smartphone screens, altogether unaware of the story of our lives that is going on around us, even as we focus on the minutiae of our social media "friends'" daily activities. These are the stories that draw our undivided attention, ... Read more

Van Full of Girls, A

By Michael Murray

Have you ever been in a van full of girls? All the girls are alive and they're happy. You're all heading off to do something whimsical and flirty and maybe a little bit drunk. You're going to see a Beach Boys tribute band. You're going to the casino to bet it all on red. You're ... Read more

Weather Permitting & Other Stories

By Pratap Reddy

The stories in this collection centre around new immigrants ? spirited people who are prepared to leave their home and hearth to travel to distant lands to pursue their dreams of a better life. But often times there?s a reality check , and they are left to grapple with unexpected ... Read more

Four-Letter Words

By Chad Pelley

Chad Pelley’s Four-Letter Words, his collection of award-winning short stories, presents us with characters haunted by one four-letter word or another: love, hate, lust, or loss. A father drives across the island hoping to find his missing son, a hitman considers the life ... Read more

As if

By Alban Goulden

As If is a collection of stories that, as its title suggests, points at an indubitable truth: all literature is speculative. Goulden's, however, extends past the boundaries of conventional fiction into areas traditionally occupied by fantasy and magic realism. These stories ... Read more