Selections for Vancouver Writers Fest 2020

Selections for Vancouver Writers Fest 2020
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Outlasting the Weather

By Patrick Friesen

There is something of the elemental in Outlasting the Weather, Patrick Friesen's Selected and New poems 1994-2020. Over time, the elements shape new worlds. Wind carves a stone bowl, the earth receives our dead. The poems are archaeological digs through layers of a life lived ... Read more

Hearts Amok

By Kevin Spenst

In language that twists together hobo slang and flights of troubadourish diction, Hearts Amok scrutinizes the history of the love sonnet in Surrey, England and simultaneously celebrates the tickings and tollings of one love-struck heart in Surrey, British Columbia. In the words ... Read more

The Blue Moth of Morning

By P. C. Vandall

In The Blue Moth of Morning, P. C. Vandall by turns acknowledges, embraces and subverts clichés of female relationships, emotions and bodies, exposing the inner tumult women often try to conceal under a thin veneer of aplomb.

Bar Mitzvah Boy

By Mark Leiren-Young

Joey Brant needs to have a bar mitzvah immediately. Like, next Tuesday. Except he’s not thirteen, the usual age for the Jewish milestone. He’s in his sixties. A task he thinks he could quickly cross off his to-do list becomes a deep immersion into the faith he no longer ... Read more

Quick Bright Things

By Christopher Cook

“Everyone hears voices. I’m treated like I’m broken for admitting it. ”

Can a weekend trip to visit family ever be smooth? 

Nick was hoping for a quick dinner at his brother Reid’s house when he stopped by with his seventeen-year-old adopted son, Gerome, on their way ... Read more

Before the Usual Time

Edited by Darlene Naponse

A collection of words and imagery from diverse voices grounded in the land that explore community in relation to time. Filmmaker/writer, Darlene Naponse, curates a gathering of expression about time that has passed, time that is now and time that comes.

I Will Be Corrupted

By Joseph Dandurand

A tale of a Kwantlen man who has been given the gift of healing but also is a heroin addict living on the eastside, what drove the author to write this book of poems was how the voice of the Healer came to him and it was with ease that each poem showed itself. It was if he were ... Read more

Land-Water-Sky / Ndè-Ti-Yat’a

By Katlià


A vexatious shapeshifter walks among humans. Shadowy beasts skulk at the edges of the woods. A ghostly apparition haunts a lonely stretch of highway. Spirits and legends rise and join together to protect the north.

Land-Water-Sky/Ndè-Ti-Yat’a is the debut novel from Dene ... Read more

Word Problems

By Ian Williams

From Ian Williams, author of Reproduction, winner of the Giller Prize and a June 2020 Indie Next Great Read

Frustrated by how tough the issues of our time are to solve – racial inequality, our pernicious depression, the troubled relationships we have with other people – ... Read more

it was never going to be okay

By jaye simpson

it was never going to be okay is a collection of poetry and prose exploring the intimacies of understanding intergenerational trauma, Indigeneity and queerness, while addressing urban Indigenous diaspora and breaking down the limitations of sexual understanding as a trans woman. ... Read more