Pantone Colour of the Year: Marsala

Pantone Colour of the Year: Marsala
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Pantone's named "Marsala" - a purply-red - as its colour of the year for 2015. We prove we're ahead of the curve with these covers, all featuring the couleur du jour.
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Ivanhoe Station

By Lyle Neff

'Ivanhoe Station' is a début collection that rivets with poetic imagery as sharp as movie graphics. These poems address, in turn, social and political questions, while focussing-centrally-on a theme of transcendence. "Lyle Neff's poems mix sexual bravura with a vaguely formulated ... Read more

Arigato, Tokyo

By Daniel MacIvor

On a publicity tour in Japan, Carl, a Canadian author, finds himself falling in love amidst the sacred stages of Noh theatre and the seedy dance clubs in Tokyo, wired on cocaine and sake. His object of affection is the young, seductive actor, Yori, but the affair becomes complicated ... Read more


By Elizabeth Bachinsky
Introduction by K. Silem Mohammad

Tired of the same old Can Lit? Had your fill of The Beautiful Poetry? You're not alone. BookThug is pleased to re-present West Coast poet Elizabeth Bachinsky's first full-length collection of poems, Curio: Grotesques and Satires FromThe Electronic Age. In this second edition, ... Read more

Every Little Thing

By Chad Pelley

If you could take just one thing back… Every Little Thing explores how lives are shaped by the butterfly effect of decisions that go desperately wrong. After a shocking family tragedy, Cohen Davies feels isolated, guilty, and numb to everything except the allure of his new ... Read more

A Cowherd in Paradise

By May Q. Wong

In 2006, the Prime Minister apologized to the Chinese people for the legislated discrimination created by Canada’s head tax laws in the first half of the twentieth century, acknowledging the far-reaching and long-term consequences it has had on their families. A Cowherd in ... Read more

Life Without Death

Edited by Mike Hoolboom & Tom McSorley

His picture can be found in the Guinness Book of World Records, an award Cole was granted after crossing the Sahara desert on a camel. When he was murdered by thieves in Mali during his final crossing in 2000, it took months to positively identify the body, and the killers were ... Read more

The Doctrine of Affections

By Paul Headrick
Edited by Melanie Little

A poverty-stricken guitar virtuoso navigates the political landscape of nineteenth-century Parisian society as he comes out of retirement for one final concert. A sessional instructor competing for the prestigious Interdisciplinary Chair in Aretha Franklin studies gets sidetracked ... Read more

Barbara Klein-Muskrat Then and Now

By Sharon Abron Drache

The interrelated stories of this pseudo-memoir introduce readers to Barbara Klein Muskrat, a successful author of fiction and freelance book reviewer. Spanning some thirty years in her personal and professional life, Barbara irreverently acquaints readers with her challenges ... Read more

Unknown Actor

By Jason Christie

When poetry meets theatre in the mind of Jason Christie, a smashing performance results! Then as the curtains close, Christie sneaks off the stage, through the scenery, and out into the wilds of the Internet — and straight into the footlights and teleprompters of human experience. ... Read more