Our Favourite Covers of 2015

Our Favourite Covers of 2015
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With all of the best-of lists going around, we're putting our own votes in for our favourite covers of 2015. Bask in this design-y goodness. View books in this list

Talking to the Diaspora

By Lee Maracle

In a career that has spanned more than a quarter century, Lee Maracle has earned the reputation as one of Canada's most ardent and celebrated writers. Talking to the Diaspora, Maracle's second book of poetry, is at once personal and profound. From the revolutionary "Where Is ... Read more

Still Hungry

By Alisa Gordaneer

Still Hungry, Alisa Gordaneer's new collection of poetry, is a sumptuous read. A gracious host, the poet serves her readers poems with delectable titles like "Artichoke," "Plum Jam," "Ganache," "Pollo Con Chili" and "Raspberry Pie," but this is no poetic cookbook. Divided into ... Read more

Monologue Dogs

By Méira Cook

Dazzling collection of masques from Manitoba Book of the Year- and Walrus Poetry Prize-winning author.

Monologue Dogs is a series of contemporary dramatic monologues. Every "voice" has its own imagined rhythm and nuances of poetic speech that are as vibrant, wayward, mournful, ... Read more

Wabigoon River Poems

By David Groulx
Edited by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

These are Indigenous poems in a global context, tackling philosophy, history, epistemology, and placing Indigenous struggles alongside other battles, other atrocities, other genocides. Wabigoon River Poems draws upon Indigenous knowledge and traditions while pushing at the boundaries ... Read more

Sir John's Table

By Lindy Mechefske

Winner, Taste Canada Gold Medal for Culinary Narrative

Commemorating the two-hundredth anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald's birth, Sir John's Table is a refreshing look at Canada's first prime minister.


Sir John's Table traverses the colourful life of Macdonald, from his passage ... Read more

Laundry Lines

By Ann Elizabeth Carson

With grace and courage Ann Elizabeth Carson looks to the past from the perspective of a contemporary feminist. A lively evocation of her aunts and their home in Cheltenham, Ontario reveals the rich and powerful ground for her own emerging sense of herself. As Toronto in the ... Read more

Book of Festus, The

By John Wall Barger

The Book of Festus is a shattered fable. In these poems, every object has a voice; every thing is awake. Festus wakes inside a myth - on a wharf in Halifax, Nova Scotia - and recalls nothing but a bicycle. As he looks for it, he thinks the city's thoughts. Upon a sidewalk over ... Read more

One Hundred Days of Rain

By Carellin Brooks

Did she say, at the beginning, that it rained every day? She was wrong. She misspoke. She didn't mean it.... No. It did not rain every day. But it rained for a hundred days, that year, which was enough--more than enough, even.

In prose by turn haunting and crystalline, Carellin ... Read more