Our Favourite Book Covers 2017

Our Favourite Book Covers 2017
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Of course it's what inside that counts, but can you blame us for being superficial when the outsides are this gorgeous? View books in this list

Bad Endings

By Carleigh Baker

Winner of the City of Vancouver Book AwardFinalist for the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize. Carleigh Baker likes to make light in the dark. Whether plumbing family ties, the end of a marriage, or death itself, she never lets go of the witty, the ironic, and perhaps most ... Read more


By Lesley Belleau

Indianland is a rich and varied poetry collection. The poems are written from a female and Indigenous point of view and incorporate Anishinaabemowin throughout. Time is cyclical, moving from present day back to first contact and forward again. Themes of sexuality, birth, memory, ... Read more

Listening for Jupiter

By Pierre-Luc Landry
Translated by Arielle Aaronson, & Madeleine Stratford

March soon, and it’s already 28°C in Montreal. Hollywood is living a dead-end life working at the local graveyard. Meanwhile, it’s snowing non-stop all over Europe and in Toronto, where Xavier works for a pharmaceutical company he couldn’t care less about. The two meet ... Read more

In the Cage

By Kevin Hardcastle

A feared cage fighter in Mixed Martial Arts, Daniel is closing in on greatness—until an injury derails his career. Out of work in his country hometown, Daniel slips into the underworld, moonlighting as muscle for a childhood-friend-turned-mid-level-gangster. While his wife ... Read more

If Pressed

By Andrew McEwan

If Pressed--the second collection of poetry from Andrew McEwan--explores forms of pressurized and pressurizing language as a means to shed light on the depressions we live among.

Overlapping language of fear and speculation gain momentum in these poems, where layers of atmospheric ... Read more

Other Houses

By Kate Cayley

From acclaimed fiction writer and playwright Kate Cayley--poems that illuminate the deep strangeness of the familiar.


In Other Houses, Kate Cayley's second collection of poetry, objects are alive with the presence of the people who have handled them. Myths and legends are ... Read more

Sonja & Carl

By Suzanne Hillier

Sonja Danychuk, a serious and introverted student with dirt-poor immigrant parents, takes pride in her intellectual and academic achievements—essential skills to help her survive and eventually leave small-town Davenport in Northern Ontario. When her father is cut down by ... Read more

All Violet

By Rani Rivera

The posthumous poetry journal of Rani Rivera, Toronto's champion of mental health advocacy and harm reduction.In ALL VIOLET, a young woman chronicles the experience of living on the margins, in spaces and places where body and mind are flayed by guilt, disappointments and betrayals. ... Read more