One (hundred and fifty) for the History Books (Pt. 2: 1911-1967)

One (hundred and fifty) for the History Books (Pt. 2: 1911-1967)
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A selection of history titles for Canada's sesquicentennial year. #Canada150 View books in this list

The Devil's Breath

By Steve Hanon

On a warm spring day in June of 1914, two hundred and thirty-five men went down into the depths of the Hillcrest mine found in Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass. Only forty-six would make it out alive. The largest coal-mining disaster in Canadian history, the fateful tale of the Hillcrest ... Read more

When the Great Red Dawn Is Shining

By Christopher J.A. Morry

On their march towards the Somme, and Beaumont Hamel, the young men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment raised their voices to sing “When the Great Red Dawn is Shining,” a song about returning home to the people they love. Howard Morry was one of the young men who managed ... Read more

dream / arteries

By Phinder Dulai

In his third poetry collection, soul/journ , Phinder Dulai connects 376 passengers on the Komagata Maru with other New World settler migrants who traveled on the same ship throughout its 36-year history. By drawing on ship records, nautical maps, and passenger manifests, Dulai ... Read more

Billy Bishop Goes to War

By John Gray
With Eric Peterson

Billy Bishop Goes to War ranks as one of Canada’s most successful and endearing musical dramas in history. The Governor General’s Award-winning musical documents the glorious World War I exploits of Canadian flying ace Billy Bishop.

Strange Days

By Ted Ferguson

The 1920s were one of the wildest decades in Canada’s history, a time of frivolous fads, shocking crimes, and political and social changes that definitively yanked the country out of the 19th century and into the modern age. In Strange Days, Ted Ferguson revisits dozens of ... Read more

I Just Ran

By Samuel Hawley

At the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics an unknown Vancouver runner named Percy Williams shocked the sports world by capturing the 100- and 200-metre gold medals. Some said the feat was a fluke. It wasn't. In 1929 Percy silenced naysayers by sweeping the US indoor track circuit, then ... Read more

Who Killed Janet Smith?

By Ed Starkins

New Edition as part City of Vancouver’s Legacy Book Project, with foreword by historian Daniel Francis

Who Killed Janet Smith? examines one of the most infamous and still unsolved murder cases in Canadian history: the 1924 murder of twenty-two-year-old Scottish nursemaid Janet ... Read more

The Dancehall Years

By Joan Haggerty

“Joan Haggerty (Daughters of the Moon) is such a strong writer… She’ll be read with appreciation for her talent.” –John Irving

"With the splendid flexibility of her narrating voice and empathetic heart, Joan Haggerty has conjured up a richly textured world in order ... Read more