OKCanLit: The Press is Mightier

OKCanLit: The Press is Mightier
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You're a social justice warrior with strong convictions in just causes. You won't stand idly by while the world slips backwards into regressive policies and environmental ruin. Your OKCanLit match is equally mad as hell and ready to stand up for what it believes in: The Press is Mightier than the sword, after all.

PiM publishers give voices to the marginalized, bringing their stories and experiences into the fold to influence and inform public opinion. Whether representing writers of colour, gender, differing ability, or Indigenous backgrounds, these publishers have a unique sensitivity to not only the need to tell these stories, but to do so in a way that respects the way in which the story needs to be told.

This is apparent in the harrowing rape memoir, One Hour in Paris, from Freehand Books, an account of institutionalized life in And Neither Have I Wings to Fly from Inanna Publications, and in the defiant poetry/essay/art/lyrics pieces about the Idle No More movement that make up The Winter We Danced, from ARP Books. Live from the Afrikan Resistance!, from Roseway, chronicles seven years of spoken word performances into a first printed collection.

PiMs know that children, too, need to understand that they might not fit a single mold, and that injustice could be anywhere. Ronsdale Press has a robust publishing program for youth, often telling stories with an Indigenous perspective like The White Oneida. Children can find their own voices or learn new ones. View books in this list

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One Hour in Paris

By Karyn L. Freedman

Winner of the 2015 BC National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction

Longlisted for Canada Reads 2017

In this powerful memoir, philosopher Karyn L. Freedman travels back to a Paris night in 1990 when she was twenty-two and, in one violent hour, her life was changed forever by a brutal ... Read more

"And Neither Have I Wings to Fly":

By Thelma Wheatley

The shocking true story of the institutionalization and abuse of children and adults with intellectual and physical handicaps in Canada's oldest provincial institution in Orillia, Ontario. Daisy Lumsden and her family were such victims, along with over ten thousand children, ... Read more

White Oneida, The

By Jean Rae Baxter

In her fourth historical novel dealing with British North America and the American Revolution, Jean Rae Baxter focuses on Broken Trail, a young boy who was born white but captured and adopted by the Oneida people. The great Mohawk leader Thayendanegea - known to Euro-Canadians ... Read more

Live from the Afrikan Resistance!

By El Jones


Live from the Afrikan Resistance! is the first collection of spoken word poetry by Halifax’s fifth Poet Laureate, El Jones. These poems speak of community and struggle. They are grounded in the political culture of African Nova Scotia and inherit the styles and substances ... Read more

The Listener

By David Lester
Illustrated by David Lester

1933: In a small German state, the last democratic election is about to take place before a failed artist named Hitler seizes power. The election is Hitler's chance to manipulate events that will lead to the death of millions.

2010: After a man dies during a political act inspired ... Read more

While the Sun Is Above Us

By Melanie Schnell

While The Sun Is Above Us takes readers deep into the extraordinary world of Sudan through the intertwined narratives of two women. In the midst of a bloody civil war, Adut is brutally captured and held as a slave for eight years. Sandra, fleeing her life in Canada, travels to ... Read more

Arresting Hope

Edited by Ruth Ellwood Martin, Mo Korchinski, and Lynn Fels

Arresting Hope reminds us that prisons are not only places of punishment, marginalization, and trauma, but that they can also be places of hope, blessing even, where people with difficult lived experiences can begin to compose stories full of healing, anticipation, communication, ... Read more

I'll Be Home Soon

By Luanne Armstrong

In I'll Be Home Soon, Luanne Armstrong takes the reader on a tension-filled ride as Regan, a young girl living in the inner city, searches for her mother who has mysteriously disappeared. Homeless but by no means hapless, Regan is on her own much of the time but also receives ... Read more

Everything Is So Political

Edited by Sandra McIntyre
Foreword by Fred Stenson

The stories within Everything Is So Political explore the intersection between politics and the contemporary short story. From the overt to the subtle, this collection tackles a broad range of topics and themes, from women’s rights and Aboriginal culture to environmentalism, ... Read more