OKCanLit: The Press Next Door

OKCanLit: The Press Next Door
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You've got tons of friends, a wide variety of hobbies and interests, and a busy social life: all you need is a snuggle with a book from your OKCanLit match: the Press Next Door.

The Press Next Door publishes titles that speak to the heart but never ring syrupy, honest but never overt, and are as much old friends as they are reading partners for life. You can't help but root for the flawed casts of characters in books like Goose Lane's Prairie Ostrich and NeWest's Some Extremely Boring Drives – it's their bouts of selfishness and mistakes that make them human, and will have you returning to them again and again.

The Press Next Door is not only a great match to bring home to mom, it's also kid-friendly – with PND's like Thistledown Press, Creative, and Coteau having robust, critically-lauded children's and YA publishing programs in addition to their adult fiction: books such as Proudflesh, Strays, and Just Pretending.

The Press Next Door also has strong roots: to the place it comes from and the authors it fosters. All of the PNDs on this list publish authors from their own backyards. For example, Breakwater Books, a Newfoundland publisher, gives a voice to the strong literary community in St. John's and province-wide with titles like Every Little Thing (in fact, Creative is another NFLD publisher that does just the same).
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Just Pretending

By Lisa Bird-Wilson

A debut short story collection from one of Canada's most exciting new Aboriginal voices. "In our family, it was Trish who was Going To Be Trouble; I was Such a Good Girl." At times haunting, at times hilarious, Just Pretending explores the moments in life that send us down pathways ... Read more

Some Extremely Boring Drives

By Marguerite Pigeon



From the multi-talented author of Inventory and Open Pit comes a new collection of short stories, filled with lost souls drifting through ... Read more


By P.J. Worrell

In these stories, readers will not find heartwarming sentimentality, but mature literary prose with surprising twists and indeterminate endings, and women of intense substance and spirit. P. J. Worrell understands girls who dream of being wives and mothers in safe cozy homes, ... Read more

Prairie Ostrich

By Tamai Kobayashi

Not every story has a happy ending.

Since her brother's death, eight-year-old Egg Murakami has been living day-to-day on the family ostrich farm near Bittercreek, discovering life to be an ever-perplexing condition. Mama Murakami has curled up inside a bottle, and Papa has exiled ... Read more

Every Little Thing

By Chad Pelley

If you could take just one thing back… Every Little Thing explores how lives are shaped by the butterfly effect of decisions that go desperately wrong. After a shocking family tragedy, Cohen Davies feels isolated, guilty, and numb to everything except the allure of his new ... Read more

Blind Spot

By Laurence Miall

"Some days I wish something truly bad would happen so that I would have something genuine to worry about."

When his parents' car is hit by a train, Luke, a failed actor, returns to his Edmonton hometown to attend their funeral, wrap up their affairs, and prepare their house to ... Read more

After You've Gone

By Lori Hahnel

After You've Gone is the story of two generations of musicians, a jazz grandmother and a punk granddaughter, who each struggle with balancing life, love, and art in their respective eras. The novel opens in 2007 with Elsa Taggart and her ex-husband watching their son's convocation ... Read more


By Andrew Hunter

"At the window, the sound of waves crashing on the beach has a rhythm, and as you close your eyes, that sound begins to vibrate, it blurs into a heavy pulsing sound of wheels pounding over the gaps in the steel rails. It passes. You hear the wind rush through the tall dry marsh ... Read more

Cold Pastoral

By Margaret Duley

Mary Immaculate is just twelve years old the day she goes missing. Berry-picking in the woods near her village in outport Newfoundland, Mary has an encounter with something from another world. When she is finally found, Mary is taken to hospital in St. John’s, where her attending ... Read more

Bone Cage, The

By Angie Abdou

Digger, an 85 kilo wrestler, and Sadie, a 26-year-old speed swimmer, stand on the verge of realizing every athlete's dream--winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Both athletes are nearing the end of their athletic careers, and are forced to confront the question: what happens ... Read more