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OKCanLit: The Post-Modern Press
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You're decidedly different. You redefine the parameters of your everyday, and your OKCanLit match is no exception: the Post-Modern Press is not the Romeo to your Juliet or Cleopatra to your Antony, but perhaps the horse to your Nero.

The Post-Modern Press publishes books that question the very tenets of narrative, poetics, and literature at large. Your relationship with these presses' books will be fraught, challenging, but so, so rewarding. Sometimes, a PMP book is a challenge to form: the rapid eccentricity of Pearl Pirie's poems in been shed bore, from Chaudiere Books, or the hewing of poetry from "a choir of available voices" in Glen Downie's Monkey Soap, from Mansfield Press.

Other times, it is the subject matter that contravenes the norm. Playwrights Canada Press, a drama publisher, released David Yee's Paper Series, a collection of six monologues that all revolve around paper. Anvil Press' Savage, by Nathaniel G. Moore, chronicles the protagonists' life from the first time he sees Randy Savage in 1986, to the wrestler's death in 2011.

The most Post-Modern Presses (or mopomopre's), of course, do both. Publishing both innovative new writers and acting as a safe haven for established writers wanting to experiment, BookThug pushes the envelope with works like Chris Eaton, a Biography, a narrative constructed entirely out of Google search results of the author's own name. New Star Books, a politically-minded PMP, publishes radical poetry collections like Donato Mancini's Loitersack, which can poke holes in the Canadian poetry establishment and yet make you laugh the whole time. View books in this list

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Chris Eaton, a Biography

By Chris Eaton

Haven't we all been driven, at some point, to Google ourselves? And what did you find? That there are people out there who seem to have something in common with you? Dates, places, interests? How coincidental are these connections? And what are the factors that define a human ... Read more

Monkey Soap

By Glen Downie

A sculptor, someone said, carves an elephant from a block of stone by chipping away everything that doesn't look like an elephant. So in Monkey Soap, Glen Downie wields a poet's incisive chisel to reveal poems hidden in other people's prose. Not only a sculptor of language, ... Read more

paper SERIES

By David Yee

An unhappy orphan who finds solace in paper cut-outs of her parents, an Indian doctor who displays his medical degree in his taxi cab, and waiters who tamper with fortune cookie are some of the vibrant characters who are brought to life in this anthology of six monologues that ... Read more


By Nathaniel G. Moore

Winner, ReLit Award (Novel)

CBC Books' "Writers to Watch" Pick

Nate’s nervous mother chews gum at warp speed and has a bob that resembles Darth Vader’s helmet. His icy father dabbles part-time in the death trade at a funeral home after working for a decade in the insurance ... Read more

Bunny and Shark

By Alisha Piercy

From award-winning author Alisha Piercy comes Bunny and Shark, a middle-aged coming-of-age story-cum-shark-adventure that reveals and celebrates women's power in the trenches. Plunging into the first thirteen days after the 'bastard' pushes his ex-Playboy wife 'Bunny' over a ... Read more

Complete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books

By Stephen Brockwell

Ottawa poet Stephen Brockwell has stumbled upon a vault of startling Ñ and non-existent Ñ collections of outrageous poetry. This compendium of verse, Brockwell's fifth full-length collection, draws from this imaginary motherlode, showing the poet at his most incisive, most ... Read more

Age of Minority

By Jordan Tannahill

Based on a true story, Get Yourself Home Skyler James follows the harrowing journey of a young lesbian who defects from the army when she is outed by fellow soldiers. The award-winning rihannaboi95 centres around a Toronto teen whose world comes crashing in when YouTube videos ... Read more

Five Little Bitches

By Teresa McWhirter

'Five Little Bitches' chronicles the intertwining lives of five young women, each of whom is plagued by her own unique demons, and all of whom are devoted to music, the punk-rock lifestyle, and an underground code of solidarity. The novel details each of the girls' personal ... Read more

Air Carnation

By Guadalupe Muro

Guadalupe Muro, recipient of the Raul Urtusan-Frances Harley Scholarship for Young Emerging Artists from Argentina, has always had her own unique way of experiencing life. When applied to her writing, Muro says she finally "felt like a dog deciding to be a dog." Muro's Spanish ... Read more

Flip Turn

By Paula Eisenstein

In Paula Eisenstein's spare and provocative first novel, a young girl must come to terms with the discovery that her brother killed a young girl. Feeling alienated and not knowing how to ask for help, she decides that suppressing her sexual development will ensure she doesn't ... Read more