Mental Health Awareness Titles

Mental Health Awareness Titles
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Mental Health Awareness Week is the first week in May every year. These books honestly portray the struggles of persons living with mental illness, whether themselves or through their loved ones. Learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week at View books in this list

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Bitter Medicine

By Clem Martini & Olivier Martini

In 1976, Ben Martini was diagnosed with schizophrenia. A decade later, his brother Olivier was told he had the same disease. For the past thirty years the Martini family has struggled to comprehend and cope with a devastating illness, frustrated by a health care system lacking ... Read more

Different Minds

By Lorna Drew & Leo Ferrari

Lorna Drew thought her partner was carrying his absent-minded professor status too far, until he was diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease.

A thoughtful memoir and a wide-ranging handbook, Different Minds is an illuminating side-by-side account of life with Alzheimer Disease. Prepared ... Read more

The Cure of Folly

By Gordon Warme

Both witty and thought-provoking, this book offers a colorful history of one man`s experience in the psychiatric profession. Observations and insights about particular cases, conditions, and aspects of the field abound in this highly enjoyable book.

King of the Sea Monkeys, The

By Mark E. Cull

The King of the Sea Monkeys is a novel in two parts. Because the protagonist suffers from a traumatic brain injury, the first part is fragmented, finding its way in the larger narrative in disorderly pieces. The novel is centered on a young high school teacher: too idealistic ... Read more

Outside World, The

By Barry Dempster

Set in 1966 in a Toronto suburb, The Outside World follows Robinson Tedley, a teenager, whose mother Florence, an agoraphobic, spends most of her time peering at the neighbours from her living room window, whose mentally challenged sister Lissy wants nothing more than to be ... Read more

And Neither Have I Wings to Fly

By Thelma Wheatley

2014 Finalist for the Wales Book of the Year Award for Creative Non-Fiction
2014 Finalist for the MARTY People’s Choice Award for Literary Arts
2013 IPPY Bronze Medal Winner for Psychology/Mental Health

The shocking true story of the institutionalization and abuse of children ... Read more


By Nathaniel G. Moore

Nathaniel G. Moore follows up his 2014 ReLit Award win for Savage with a diverse collection of short fiction, his first, Jettison, featuring stories which dangle somewhere between horror and romance. "Jaws" explores a father's desire to over-share the erotic origins of his children's ... Read more


By Kevin Spenst

A finalist for the Alfred G. Bailey Prize, Ignite is a collection of elegiac and experimental poetry powder-kegged with questions about one man's lifelong struggle with schizophrenia. Born into a strict Mennonite family, Abe Spenst's mental illness spanned three ... Read more

The Adjustment League

By Mike Barnes

Prompted by a mysterious summons from his past, a man known only as ?The Super? begins an investigation into maternal neglect by a privileged Toronto family. As the case deepens, revealing a web of systemic crime and depravity, The Super undertakes a series of adjustments: his ... Read more