Mantastic Reads for Father's Day

Mantastic Reads for Father's Day
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This Father's Day, why not dude up with dad and read one of these manly books. View books in this list

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The Hockey Scribbler

By George Bowering

Canada’s former poet laureate looks back at a life lived in literature and hockey fandom

Hockey forms the backdrop of our lives. For many Canadians, the big moments — births, deaths, marriages, moves — are all mixed up with the wins and losses of our teams. The voices of ... Read more

Men of Action

By Howard Akler

After his father, Saul, undergoes brain surgery and slips into a coma, Howard Akler begins to reflect on Saul's life, the complicated texture of consciousness, and Akler's struggles with writing and his own unpredictable mind. With echoes of Paul Auster's The Invention of Solitude ... Read more

Last Half of the Year, The

By Paul Rowe

Jason Dade, quixotic hero of this 1970s coming-of-age novel, is on a quest. He must decipher cryptic signs on his journey to meet an elusive figure known only as The Man. His father, Saul Dade, broods restlessly at hope, helpless to intervene. Their interwoven narratives include ... Read more

My Dinosaur

By Turcot François
Translated by Erín Moure

The figure of the father occupies a particularly significant place in Québécoise literature--there's a real fascination with fathers, and this recurring persona populates fiction, films, and the stories people tell of their families and themselves.

Thus, it's not surprising ... Read more

Sing a Worried Song

By William Deverell

Now in paperback: the sixth novel in the acclaimed Arthur Beauchamp series

Everything is going well for Arthur Beauchamp in his early middle age. Life is so good for the top-notch defence lawyer that, in a moment of career restlessness, he decides to switch sides, just the once, ... Read more

Traversing Leonard

By Craig Savel

Winner, 37th Annual 3-Day Novel ContestPaul is a young physics professor at a major university in New York state. He is drawn to Leonard Zavitsky, a once promising but now washed up and annoying ex-professor who is kept on the payroll as a custodian, more out of pity than any ... Read more


By Kevin Hardcastle

Winner of the 2016 Trillium Book Award

Finalist for the 2016 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

Nominated for the 2015 Danuta Gleed Literary Award

One of Quill & Quire?s Books of the Year, 2015

One of 49th Shelf?s Books of the Year, 2015

The eleven remarkable stories in Kevin Hardcastle’s ... Read more

The Utility of Boredom

By Andrew Forbes

Spitball essays on the off-kilter joys, sorrows and wonder of North America’s national pastime.
A collection of essays for ardent seamheads and casual baseball fans alike, The Utility of Boredom is a book about finding respite and comfort in the order, traditions, and rituals ... Read more

Grand Menteur

By Jean Marc Ah-Sen

Globe and Mail Best 100 Book of 2015

The secret world of Mauritian street-gangs is not for the faint of heart. Fraught with peril and mischief, its inner workings are a mystery to the daughter of one of its most valued members: Serge, the Grand Menteur. A liar of exceptional ... Read more


By Christine Horne

In a flash, everything changes. After a group of radical environmentalists breaks into the house of a prominent oil company executive and holds him and his family hostage, the stage is set for a popular movement to coalesce around the incident.

They call themselves "Tarstoppers," ... Read more