League of Canadian Poets Awards Longlist, 2018

League of Canadian Poets Awards Longlist, 2018
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Celebrate the poets and collections longlisted for the 2018 League of Canadian Poets Awards: the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, the Pat Lowther Memorial Award, and the Raymond Souster Award. View books in this list

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By Jack Davis
Edited by Stan Dragland

Faunics is a fully articulated (compactly composed and beautifully structured) book of poems grounded in deep appreciation and knowledge of nature and in sophisticated language play (the sound and the sense), making it a strangely wonderful hybrid: animal kingdom meets Paul ... Read more

Thin Air of the Knowable

By Wendy Donawa

An elegiac and incisive debut that blends poems of social justice with poems of ordinary life.


In her first collection, Thin Air of the Knowable, the physical landscapes of Wendy Donawa's life--West Coast, Caribbean, prairies--ground many of her poems and often reflect the ... Read more

Voodoo Hypothesis

By Canisia Lubrin

Voodoo Hypothesis is a subversion of the imperial construct of "blackness" and a rejection of the contemporary and historical systems that paint black people as inferior, through constant parallel representations of "evil" and "savagery. " Pulling from pop culture, science, pseudo-science ... Read more


By Emily Nilsen

Winner, 2018 League of Canadian Poets Gerald Lampert Memorial Award
Longlisted, 2018 League of Canadian Poets Pat Lowther Memorial Award

Otolith — the ear stone — is a series of bones that help us to orient ourselves in space. In Otolith, Emily Nilsen attempts a similar feat ... Read more

The Panic Room

By Rebecca Papucaru

Preoccupied with the complexities of identity and selfhood, memory, embodiment, loss, and family, Rebecca Păpucaru carefully examines details that make up one's lived experience.


"Lobster Dinner" describes a happy childhood memory of eating an entire lobster with an ... Read more

Better Nature

By Fenn Stewart

Much of the language that makes up Better Nature--the first book-length poetry collection by writer and academic Fenn Stewart--is drawn from a diary that Walt Whitman wrote while travelling through Canada at the end of the nineteenth century.

But rather than waxing poetic about ... Read more

Fragments, Desire

By Onjana Yawnghwe

Love is language, and longing is translation.


Fragments, Desire is a dictionary of love, exploring its troubled and joyous borders with honesty and originality. Taking inspiration from Roland Barthes' A Lover?s Discourse, Onjana Yawnghwe reimagines and transforms it while paying ... Read more


By Lesley Belleau

Indianland is a rich and varied poetry collection. The poems are written from a female and Indigenous point of view and incorporate Anishinaabemowin throughout. Time is cyclical, moving from present day back to first contact and forward again. Themes of sexuality, birth, memory, ... Read more

Feel Happier in 9 Seconds

By Linda Besner

I learned the secret of serenity
by waterboarding daffodils.
My Buddha is landfill.
My mantra choked
from a bluebird’s neck.
It’s ruthless, the pursuit
of happiness. Eighteen
seconds have elapsed.

This collection is a universe where minimalism and maximalism work in ... Read more

Bicycle Thieves

By Mary di Michele

A masterwork from one of Canada’s most important poets

Referencing the post-war neorealist film by Vittorio De Sica, Mary di Michele’s Bicycle Thieves commemorates her Italian past and her life in Canada through elegy and acts of translation of text and of self.

The collection ... Read more