"I'm Buying an NB Book!" day selections

"I'm Buying an NB Book!" day selections
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Atlantic publishing has officially declared September 19th "I'm Buying an NB Book!" day. Celebrate New Brunswick authors today by checking out any of these great titles from the ALU canon and amplify your support by skipping over to social and using the hashtags #September19, #myNBbook, and #IReadLocal. Happy Reading! View books in this list

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New Brunswick

By Shane Neilson

Heralding a new regionalism, New Brunswick interrogates the popular representations of Shane Neilson's home province. Structured as a group of serial long poems, this fifth book by the winner of the 2017 Walrus Poetry Prize recasts the political, economic, and social histories ... Read more

That Light Feeling Under Your Feet

By Kayla Geitzler

Finalist for The Fiddlehead Poetry Book Prize at the New Brunswick Book Awards!
That Light Feeling Under Your Feet plunges headfirst into the surreal and slogging world of cruise ship workers. These masterfully crafted poems challenge perpetuating colonial and class relations, ... Read more

Melba's Wash

By Reesa Steinman Brotherton

In this fractured familial story, Esther Prat reflects on the secrets, lies, and pain that haunt her life. Born on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, as an infant she is unceremoniously taken to Montreal, Quebec, to spend the first ten years of her life with an affluent Jewish ... Read more

The Lost Wilderness

By Nicholas Guitard

Shortlisted, New Brunswick Book Award for Non-Fiction

Every summer between 1882 and 1929, naturalist William Francis Ganong travelled through the wilderness of New Brunswick, systematically mapping previously uncharted territories, taking photographs, and documenting observations ... Read more


By Corey Redekop


An outlandishly funny, unambiguously bloody novel about fame, love, religion, politics, and appetite

It is one thing to die, alone and confused, trapped with your pants down around your ankles in the filthiest bus restroom in existence. It’s quite another thing to wake up ... Read more

New Brunswick and the Navy

By Marc Milner & Glenn Leonard

From the seafaring battles between the British and the French of the 1640s to the privateers of the War of 1812, from the merchant ships of the Second World War to the construction of the corvettes and frigates in the 20th century, New Brunswick has played an important role ... Read more


By Jennifer Houle

Jennifer Houle?s second collection, Virga, is a departure?or perhaps, more accurately, a return to a distinctly feminine and feminist mythos.  Witchy, sensuous, and urgent, the poems collected here are shot through with lore, love, and determination, reflecting the preoccupations ... Read more

The Back Channels

By Jennifer Houle

Jennifer Houle's debut collection, The Back Channels, reflects the effort to build a meaningful life in a rapidly changing culture, in a region afflicted, as many are, with outmigration and an economy of anxiety and hard choices. Here, where memories of a more prosperous past ... Read more

Bec and Call

By Jenna Lyn Albert

Rife with colloquialisms, irony and a healthy dose of sass, the poems collected in Bec and Call refuse to be silent or subtle; instead they delve into the explicit, the audacious, the boldly personal.  Bec and Call subverts the notion of female sexuality as male appeasement, ... Read more