I Read Canadian Day: All Lit Up Children's Book Selections

I Read Canadian Day: All Lit Up Children's Book Selections
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I Read Canadian Day celebrates great Canadian books and underscores the importance of reading from an early age. We're joining in on this special day by highlighting a fab list reads for young people that are sure to fill shelves and growing imaginations alike.

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Dear Black Girls

By Shanice Nicole
By (artist) Kezna Dalz

Dear Black girls all around the world, this one is for you -- for us.

Dear Black Girls is a letter to all Black girls. Every single day poet and educator Shanice Nicole is reminded of how special Black girls are and of how lucky she is to be one. Illustrations by Kezna Dalz support ... Read more

The Ice Shack

By Katia Canciani
Translated by Jocelyne Thomas

The most beautiful ice-fishing shack on the whole coast belongs to Alphonse. But he can’t seem to catch a thing—not even a sock, or an old pair of underwear! How will he ever win the Best Fisherman Contest?!

Cancer is a C Word

By Sunita Pal
By (artist) Cody Andreasen

Teaching tough and scary topics to children, especially to the very young, is not easy. Dealing with Cancer is a sad reality that many families have to face and explaining it to little children can be very difficult--and hard to do without creating a Monster of Fear. Cancer ... Read more

Sans chapeau

By Lateefah Boti
Illustrated by Duha Al-Khatib
Translated by Hana Jaber

Sans Chapeau suit une ligne narrative imaginative et inspirante. Elle adopte des valeurs élevées de coexistence et d'acceptation mutuelle des différences avec les autres qui partagent notre environnement. Elle laisse libre cours à l'imaginaire des enfants et stimule leur ... Read more

I Dream of Being a Concrete Mixer

By Hussain Al Mutawaa
Illustrated by Walid Taher
Translated by Sophia Vasalou

I Dream of Being a Concrete Mixer is an uplifting story about the power of friendship, about finding your place in the world, and about realizing your dreams while remaining true to who you are. Tumbledown is a little demolition truck growing up in a loving family. His parents ... Read more

The Little Red Shed

By Adam Young & Jennifer Young

Once upon a fine morning, a little shed awakens to discover she isn’t quite the same as she used to be. Uncertain and feeling as if she no longer fits in, she decides to leave home and sets out to sea. All alone on the wide, wide ocean, she meets an extraordinary new friend ... Read more

Keeshig and the Ojibwe Pterodactyls

By Keeshig Spade & Celeste Pedri-Spade
Illustrated by Robert Spade

On a hot summer day, a young Anishinabe boy visits the shores of Gitchee Gumee with his mother. Nanaboozhoo, their teacher, is before them, presenting himself as a mass of land that stretches across the horizon. As they visit, Keeshig tells his mother about what he calls "the ... Read more

Nutaui's Cap

By Bob Bartel
Illustrated by Mary Ann Penashue

When low-level flying by NATO jets upsets their way of life, Nanass, a young Innu girl, is eager to join her father and the other members of her Sheshatshiu community in protest. Then her father and other protesters are arrested. Nanass has little to comfort her, except her ... Read more

Meennunyakaa / Blueberry Patch

By Jennifer Leason
Translated by Norman Chartrand

Based in Duck Bay, Manitoba, in the 1940s, an Elder shares his experience of packing up to go out to collect blueberries, a traditional gathering that took place every summer. He describes the journey and landscape with humor and such vivid imagery that readers will see themselves ... Read more