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Fantastic First Fiction
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Canadian independent publishers are all about nurturing new writers, which is why ALU has such a great collection of debut fiction. From first books by great Canadian writers to those published for the first time, discover you next favourite author. View books in this list

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Dancing In a Jar

By Poynter Adele

Based on a true story, Dancing in a Jar elaborates on the real-life love affair of a young couple who leave New York City to live in the outport community of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, during the Great Depression when the husband, Don Poynter, accepts a management position ... Read more

Job Shadowing

By Malcolm Sutton

BookThug is excited to publish Job Shadowing, the first full-length fiction work by Malcolm Sutton, the widely published interdisciplinary artist and writer (and BookThug's own Fiction Editor).

As well as being thematically driven by the increasingly precarious employment situation ... Read more

The Poet is a Radio

By Jack Hannan & Jack Hannan

The poet Li Bai has journeyed across the world and perhaps across centuries. When he comes across a bag of money in a downtown parking lot, we also meet the delinquent who lost the bag of money in the first place. The assemblage in Jack Hannan's first novel are driven by wordsmithery, ... Read more

Company of Crows, The

By Karen Molson & Karen Molson

At thirteen, bookish Veronica Reid lives in a world inside her head, even if she isn't entirely successful at resisting the intrusions of the world outside. It's bad enough that she has to wear awful new glasses; it's downright disastrous that she'll have to spend the summer ... Read more

After Drowning

By Valerie Mills-Milde

Lake Erie was once home to a thriving inland fishery but the sad fortunes of the lake have decimated the industry, forcing those who live along the Lake Erie shore to adapt their expectations, or move on. On a summer's day, Pen (Penelope) Beau and her four-year-old daughter ... Read more

Double Teenage

By Joni Murphy

Double Teenage tells the story of two young teenagers (best friends, Celine and Julie) who are coming of age in the 1990s along the US-Mexico border--a place where nothing seems to happen, but only because what counts as 'something' is defined by far-off centres of power. In ... Read more

Saints, Unexpected

By Brent van Staalduinen

When fifteen-year-old Mutton is robbed at gunpoint while working in her mother’s Hamilton thrift store, the thief makes off with an item that she knows isn’t meant for him, hurling Mutton and her family into a summer of remarkable and heartbreaking events. From fighting ... Read more


By Mia Herrera

After her plans for the future are disrupted by an unexpected breakup, Benni, born and raised in northern Ontario, seeks escape from her everyday routine by visiting her father in the Philippines-- the fantastical land of ghosts and glamour that her parents described to her ... Read more

White Elephant

By Catherine Cooper

Finalist for the 2017 Amazon. ca First Novel Award

Physician Richard Berringer, his wife, Ann, and their thirteen-year-old son, Torquil, have abandoned their home in Nova Scotia and moved to Sierra Leone, despite warnings that the West African country is in a civil war. Two months ... Read more

A Beckoning War

By Matthew Murphy

2016 Foreword Reviews INDIES, Silver, War & Military (Adult Fiction)

Captain Jim McFarlane, a Canadian infantry officer, is coming apart at the seams. It’s September 1944, in Italy, and the allied armies are closing in on the retreating Axis powers. Exhausted and lost, ... Read more