Children's Picture Books

Children's Picture Books
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Great for ages 4 - 8, these picture books are filled with whimsical stories and beautiful illustrations. View books in this list

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Long, Long Ago

By Robin Skelton
Illustrated by Pamela Breeze Currie

In this delightful collection of animal fables, Robin Skelton transports young readers back to long long ago - an ancient and fabulous time. These humorous stories offer solutions to such difficult questions as "Why does the ostrich bury its head in the ground?" and "Why does ... Read more

Llamas in the Laundry

By William New
Illustrated by Vivian Bevis

Have you ever wondered if porcupines are ticklish, if fish wash, or how to say Rhinosterous? Do you know how to make a child-high sandwich? How porridge gets on the ceiling? What happens when your favourite aunt wears a wig? Why uncles wear plaid? William New's rhyming verse ... Read more

Dream Helmet

By William New
Illustrated by Vivian Bevis

Join the children in this delightful picture book, children who dream of skateboarding through the galaxy, of meeting a guitar-playing hippopotamus, of feeding a baby brother who eats EXPLOSIVELY! Find the knock-kneed knight! Travel to Saskatchewan "without your socks and sandals ... Read more

Jimmy Tames Horses

By Garry Gottfriedson
Illustrated by Mary Longman
Edited by Paul Seesequasis

Jimmy Tames Horses is a story about a little boy from the city who tries to fit in with his cousins who have always lived on the Kamloops Indian Reserve. Throughout the summer Jimmy works with a colt, overcoming initial fears and eventually becoming a famous horse breaker.

Cuthbert and the Merpeople

By Kathy Mezei
Illustrated by Anne Stratford

Kathy Mezei tells a delightful story of Cuthbert (son of Nellie of Loch Ness), who swims via the Northwest Passage to Hornby Island, off the British Columbia coast, where, in the deep sea caverns, and much to the terror of the local Merpeople, he takes up residence. A tale filled ... Read more