Celebrating Short Stories With Our Friends at Found Press

Celebrating Short Stories With Our Friends at Found Press
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While we dabble in Short Stories here on All Lit Up (with 300+ collections!), our pals at Found Press have made Short Stories their mission: they release esingles by authors who don't necessarily want a collection attached. Here's a selection of short story collections that share authors with Found Press short story singles. Make sure you check out their singles at foundpress.com.
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Four-Letter Words

By Chad Pelley

Chad Pelley’s Four-Letter Words, his collection of award-winning short stories, presents us with characters haunted by one four-letter word or another: love, hate, lust, or loss. A father drives across the island hoping to find his missing son, a hitman considers the life ... Read more

Brunch with the Jackals

By Don McLellan

A man seeking the high life realizes too late that he has destroyed his possibilities for happiness. Four junkies wait anxiously for a drug dealer who seems to have forgotten their existence. A gang leader attempts to navigate racism, greed, and mutiny within the ranks. An aspiring ... Read more

What You Need

By Andrew Forbes

Loyalties collide with long-buried love, a man builds a nuclear bomb in his garage, and children walk up walls. The stories in What You Need beautifully recount the rawness of human experience. Andrew Forbes’s characters struggle to escape the things that hold them in their ... Read more