Celebrate Pride Month with All Lit Up

Celebrate Pride Month with All Lit Up
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June has arrived and that means Pride Month is here! Celebrate with All Lit Up by checking out any of these stellar LGBTQ+ reads, all for 20% OFF when you use the code PRIDE at checkout until June 30! View books in this list

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By Gwen Benaway

day/break, Governor General's Literary Award Winner Gwen Benaway's fourth collection of work, explores the everyday poetics of the trans feminine body. Through intimate experiences and conceptualizations of trans life, day/break asks what it means to be a trans woman, both within ... Read more

Holy Wild

By Gwen Benaway

Winner of the 2019 Governor General's Literary Award for Poetry

Finalist for the 2019 Trillium Book Award for Poetry

Finalist for the 2019 Lambda Literary Awards – Transgender Poetry Category

Finalist for the 2019 Publishing Triangle Awards – Trans and Gender-Variant Literature ... Read more

We All Need To Eat

By Alex Leslie

We All Need to Eat is a new collection of linked stories from award-winning author Alex Leslie that revolve around Soma, a young Queer woman in Vancouver, chronicling her attempts to come to grips with herself, her family and her sexuality.

Set in different moments falling between ... Read more


By Julie Joosten

Nought, a new collection of lyric poetry from Governor General's Literary Award finalist Julie Joosten, explores the intersections of body, identity, and love. These poems, in all their passions, inhabit the unfastened "and" of capacious loves and allegiances, refusing to choose ... Read more


By Lara Rae

In this original and poetic new work, Lara Rae tells the raw and heartfelt story of her half-century long (and counting) gender odyssey. Dragonfly presents us with two actors, one male, one female, who illuminate the inner life of a trans woman from her Scottish childhood in ... Read more

Ga Ting

By Minh Ly

Ga Ting is a powerful and emotionally charged story about an immigrant Chinese couple trying to come to terms with the death of their son Kevin. When they invite Kevin's Caucasian boyfriend for dinner after the funeral, the evening devolves into a fiery cultural and generational ... Read more

Body Work

By Emilia Nielsen

If Body Work begins by writing desire through a belief in the stability of the physical body, this is undone in exploring symptoms of disease, new self-knowledge and rewriting one's personal story. Because Body Work explicitly undertakes to write of a protracted and often painful ... Read more

Bowling Pin Fire

By Andy Quan

In his second book of poems, Andy Quan recounts a series of firsts: first time listening to Joni Mitchell's Blue, first loss of a friend, first dance with a man. Building on earlier explorations of memory, sexuality, and culture that are the signatures of his best work, Bowling ... Read more

Made Beautiful by Use

By Sean Horlor

What should we believe in? Tough, gritty, innovative. In Made Beautiful by Use, Sean Horlor tackles issues of belief by questioning whether it's possible for anyone to be conscious, compassionate, and ethical in a twenty-first-century world. Whether it is St. Joan before the ... Read more

Touch Anywhere to Begin

By Jim Nason

In Touch Anywhere To Begin, Jim Nason's fifth collection of poetry, poems are set in a physical world where full-throttle desire commingles with love, loss and grief. Although death is ever present, death of a father, death of a friend, there is a life-affirming/mystical quality ... Read more