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Everything, now

By Jessica Moore

Poems about being stranded in a truth that shows no mercy, speaking from the last place you?d ever choose to go.

Part lyric, part memoir, Everything, now, Jessica Moore's heart-rending debut, describes an untimely death and the journey of going on alone. The book stares down ... Read more

Short Talks

By Anne Carson

Deluxe redesign of the two-time Griffin Award winner's first poetry collection. Includes new material.


On the occasion of the press's 40th anniversary, Brick Books is proud to present the first of six new editions of classic books from our back catalogue. This new edition ... Read more

All Our Wonder Unavenged

By Don Domanski

A poet of osmosis explores the implicit relationship between matter and spirit, the interconnectedness of the universe.

In his first full-length collection since 1998's Parish of the Physic Moon, Don Domanski writes with clarity of vision. He is a poet of the holiness of subtleties, ... Read more


By Soraya Peerbaye

A collection of poems partially based on the Reena Virk murder case. Virk was an Asian adolescent whose drowned body was found in the Gorge Waterway in a Victoria, BC suburb, in 1997. Some of the poems use found material from court transcripts. The murder made international ... Read more

Songs For Relinquishing the Earth

By Jan Zwicky

Songs for Relinquishing the Earth contains many poems of praise and grief for the imperilled earth drawing frequently on Jan Zwicky's experience as a musician and philosopher and on the landscapes of the prairies and rural Ontario.

Songs for Relinquishing the Earth was first published ... Read more

Bite Down Little Whisper

By Don Domanski

From a master poet, meditative lines running like veins through the dark grace of being alive.

Governor General?s Award-winning poet Don Domanski?s new collection, Bite Down Little Whisper, delves into the interconnectedness of all life with spiritual gravitas and powerful mindfulness. ... Read more

Foreign Homes

By Joan Crate

Foreign Homes, Joan Crate's second book of poems, explores domesticity and dislocation, where what was thought to be home becomes alien, and where the alien is, piece by piece, made into home -- often in such simple, physical acts as laying a table, or driving a highway, or ... Read more

Short Haul Engine

By Karen Solie

Karen Solie takes risks with perception and language, risks that pay off in such startling ways that it's hard to believe this is a first book. Short Haul Engine is one great twist of fate and fury after another. The writing is clear, striking and open to all sorts of possibilities. ... Read more

Lake of Two Mountains

By Arleen Paré

A hymn to a beloved lake, a praise poem in forty-five parts, a contemplation of landscape and memory

Lake of Two Mountains, Arleen Paré's second poetry collection, is a portrait of a lake, of a relationship to a lake, of a network of relationships around a lake. It maps, probes ... Read more

Blue Sonoma

By Jane Munro

A wise and embodied collection of dreamscapes, sutras and prayer poems from a writer at her peak

In Blue Sonoma, award-winning poet Jane Munro draws on her well-honed talents to address what Eliot called ?the gifts reserved for age. ? A beloved partner's crossing into Alzheimer's ... Read more