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By Tyler Pennock

Poems about a young two-spirit Indigenous man moving through shadow and trauma toward strength and awareness.

Bones, Tyler Pennock?s wise and arresting debut, is about the ways we process the traumas of our past, and about how often these experiences eliminate moments of softness ... Read more


By Marlene Cookshaw

An award-winning poet's day-book of poems, where both bounty and loss are tenderly assigned value.


Marlene Cookshaw, in her first collection of poetry in more than a decade, invites her readers to partake in a long-anticipated harvest that comes in many forms. Whether she's ... Read more

Sotto Voce

By Maureen Hynes

Poems that give full attention to a world in shambles, a world in which "mercy is failing."


Maureen Hynes, in her fifth book of poetry, speaks tenderly yet vehemently about the threatened worlds that concern her. From Toronto, where she lives and walks the city's afflicted ... Read more

Unidentified Poetic Object

By Brian Henderson

Poems that highlight an excess, an emptiness, and a wilderness on the other side of use.


In Unidentified Poetic Object, his twelfth collection of poetry, Brian Henderson strikes from language an "alphabet of lightning": an animacy and urgency in which every object is potent ... Read more

Our Latest in Folktales

By Matthew Gwathmey

Poems of serious wordplay--an affirmation and celebration of the spectacles we make of our lives.


On-stage in Matthew Gwathmey's debut collection are agitated 19th century horsemen, 80s comic book beetles, plaid-clad suburban grunge enthusiasts, Korean aunts turned traffic ... Read more

Wild Madder

By Brenda Leifso

Poems that stride bravely into the day-to-day, recovering the misdirected intensity at its core.


Brenda Leifso's Wild Madder is about way-finding--through those moments in which you no longer recognize where you are. It's about not knowing--who you are anymore, how to be in ... Read more

Yellow Crane

By Susan Gillis

Inviting, human, capacious poems that grapple with ideas while also lightly grieving our capacity for ruin.


Yellow Crane, Susan Gillis's fourth collection of poetry, is a book of many views, many voices. A long look at the changing landscape of a Montreal neighbourhood becomes ... Read more


By Deanna Young

Poems that unfold like liturgy, confronting old violence with a trembling, dignified restraint.


Reunion is a parable, an origin story, a cautionary tale. It is also a time machine in which poems commune with ghosts in an attempt both to reckon with and subvert their legacy. ... Read more

How to Avoid Huge Ships

By Julie Bruck

Both ?grave and brave, serious and hilarious??new poems from a Governor General?s Award?winning poet.

How to Avoid Huge Ships, Julie Bruck?s fourth collection of poetry, is a book of arguments and spells against the ambushes of age. This is, of course, a pointless exercise ... Read more

What Kind of Man Are You

By Degan Davis

What does it mean to be a man now?
The answers in these poems are bold and deeply moving.


The poems in Degan Davis's debut collection, What Kind Of Man Are You, move between the title's societal taunt (prove yourself) and its more tender and inquisitive question (how to ... Read more