Books for Middle Readers

Books for Middle Readers
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Get your 7 - 12 year olds enamoured with reading with these books. From historical to contemporary, fiction to non-fiction, there is something for every kind of reader on this list! View books in this list

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Last Chance Island

By Norma Charles

In this compelling tale, two very different stories intersect with surprising results. There's the story of two African children, Kalu and his cousin, Aisha, who escape from their village after it's destroyed by rebel soldiers. The kids flee to the coast where they find work ... Read more

Hannah & the Wild Woods

By Carol Anne Shaw

It's spring break, and 14-year-old Hannah Anderson is glad to be spending it with the "Coast-Is-Clear" program - a group committed to cleaning Pacific Rim National Park's beaches of debris leftover from the tragic Japanese tsunami of 2011. Soon after Hannah arrives on the west ... Read more

Loyalist to a Fault

By Evan Munday

October Schwartz and her five deadest pals are back for another crime-solving caper

When October Schwartz raises her five dead friends to investigate the cause of Cyril Cooper’s death way back in 1783, she expects a dull research-based journey into the lives of Canada’s earliest ... Read more

Hope's Journey

By Jean Rae Baxter

It's 1791. The year a new province is created in the country that will one day be called Canada. The year Hope Cobman's life turns around. At thirteen, she must leave the orphanage where she has lived since her mother's death one year ago. Alone in the world, she dreams of finding ... Read more

The Hills Are Shadows

By Joan Givner

It was supposed to be a homecoming and reunion, but when Anne Tennyson Miller (Tenn to her friends and family) returns to Driftwood Bay with her new friend Una, they find a ghost town.

Something has gone terribly wrong in the world. The sea is rising fast, and everyone - almost ... Read more

Arrow through the Axes

By Patrick Bowman

Arrow through the Axes concludes the "Odyssey of a Slave" trilogy that began with the Red Maple?nominated Torn from Troy, retelling Homer's Odyssey. The slave Alexi, now free of his Greek captors, infiltrates the Greek strongholds of the Bronze Age in search of his sister. In ... Read more

Project Superhero

By E. Paul Zehr
Illustrated by Kris Pearn

Join 13-year-old Jessie as she keeps a diary of her class’s yearlong research project on superheroes, which culminates in the Superhero Slam: a head-to-head debate battle! It’s shy, comics-obsessed Jessie’s dream come true . . . and worst nightmare. She decides to champion ... Read more

Life Lines

By Christine Welldon

When the USS Truxtun was shipwrecked off the coast of Newfoundland in 1942, Lanier Phillips, an African-American serviceman, was rescued by the people of the town of St. Lawrence. The kindness he received transformed his life and ignited a lasting passion for civil rights. Lanier ... Read more

White Oneida, The

By Jean Rae Baxter

In her fourth historical novel dealing with British North America and the American Revolution, Jean Rae Baxter focuses on Broken Trail, a young boy who was born white but captured and adopted by the Oneida people. The great Mohawk leader Thayendanegea - known to Euro-Canadians ... Read more

The Patron Saint of Stanley Park

By Hiro Kanagawa

Siblings Josh and Jennifer are coping with the loss of their father, who disappeared in a float plane accident on Christmas Eve one year ago. While Josh scours the Internet for proof that his father is still alive, Jennifer rebels against his denial and their mother Marcia's ... Read more