Books at the Festival of Literary Diversity

Books at the Festival of Literary Diversity
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We're thrilled to virtually exhibit at the Festival of Literary Diversity this year and to bring you a variety of compelling fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, and graphic novels! Below is our small, but mighty selection of books featured at our FOLD booth this year. What's more: we're giving you 20% off + free shipping from May 1-15. (Just use promo code ALUFOLD at checkout until May 15th.)

Alternatively, you can support your local independent bookseller by purchasing these and other great titles from them directly.

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By Tara Gereaux

Evocative of Miriam Toews’ A Complicated Kindness and Diane Warren’s Cool Water, Tara Gereaux’s novel, set in small-town Saskatchewan, dissects themes of Métis identity, female identity and motherhood, aging and regret, and finally, acceptance.

Nothing ever seems to happen ... Read more

Polar Vortex

By Shani Mootoo

Some secrets never die. ..

Priya and Alexandra have moved from the city to a picturesque countryside town. What Alex doesn't know is that in moving, Priya is running from her past—from a fraught relationship with an old friend, Prakash, who pursued her for many years, both ... Read more

The Teller from the Tale

By Ven Begamudré

In The Teller from the Tale, award winning author Ven Begamudré spins three stories in a masterful blend of myth and realism. In "Amar's Gift," a magical sculptor observes a princess, though it is forbidden for commoners to do so, and is determined to marry her. A father narrates ... Read more

The Lover, the Lake

By Virginia Pesemapeo Bordeleau
Translated by Susan Ouriou

A spellbinding novel celebrating Indigenous sensuality; the first erotic novel written by an Indigenous woman in French

When it was first published in Quebec, The Lover, The Lake was heralded as the first erotic novel written by an Indigenous woman in French. Today, as it is translated ... Read more

You are Eating an Orange. You are Naked.

By Sheung-King

A young translator living in Toronto frequently travels abroad—to Hong Kong, Macau, Prague, Tokyo—often with his unnamed lover. In restaurants and hotel rooms, the couple begins telling folktales to each other, perhaps as a way to fill the undefined space between them. Theirs ... Read more

All of Us in Our Own Lives

By Manjushree Thapa

A beautiful story of strangers who shape each other's lives in fateful ways, All of Us in Our Own Lives delves deeply into the lives of women and men in Nepal and into the world of international aid.

Ava Berriden, a Canadian lawyer, quits her corporate job in Toronto to move ... Read more

An Extraordinary Destiny

By Shekhar Paleja

It’s 1947 in Lahore, and the Sharma family is forced to flee their home during the violence of the Partition of India. As the train tracks measure the ever-growing distance between Varoon and his mother, who vanished during the panic to escape, the boy is thrust towards an ... Read more


By Dallas Hunt

Creeland is a poetry collection concerned with notions of home and the quotidian attachments we feel to those notions, even across great distances. Even in an area such as Treaty Eight (northern Alberta), a geography decimated by resource extraction and development, people are ... Read more

The Junta of Happenstance

By Tolu Oloruntoba

Personal, primordial, and pulsing with syncopated language, Tolu Oloruntoba?s poetic debut, The Junta of Happenstance, is a compendium of dis-ease. This includes disease in the traditional sense, as informed by the poet?s time as a physician, and dis-ease as a primer for family ... Read more