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We're in a summery mood, and so are these books: blue skies and sunshine, all! View books in this list

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Afflictions & Departures

By Madeline Sonik

'Afflictions & Departures' is a collection of first-person experiential essays by writer and academic Madeline Sonik. Although Sonik explores some of the salient personal experiences of her young life, the essays in 'Afflictions & Departures' are not traditional memoir. In addition ... Read more

Restorying Indigenous Leadership

Edited by Cora Voyageur, Laura Brearley, and Brian Calliou

Restorying Indigenous Leadership: Wise Practices in Community Development, 2nd edition is a foundational resource of the most recent scholarship on Indigenous leadership. The authors in this anthology share their research through nonfictional narratives, innovative approaches ... Read more

Exhilarating Prose

By Barry Healey & Cordelia Strube

This smartly illustrated literary miscellanea is intended to stimulate readers and writers of English prose. From “dead language – the speaks” (i. e., ad-speak, media-speak, corporate-speak) through “re-writing – Again?” to rules (to obey or not to obey), authors ... Read more

Black Bread

By Emili Teixidor
Translated by Peter Bush

In the rough hill country of rural Catalonia, the Spanish Civil War is over and the villagers live under occupation by the fascist Civil Guard. With his father in jail, facing possible execution as a subversive, and his mother working long hours in a factory, eleven-year-old ... Read more

Mary the Life Saver

By Louis-Philippe Hébert
Translated by Ardeth Neale

"Mary the Life Saver" is a poetry book that examines the nature of human being, parting the veil of the mundane to reveal passion, beauty, myth, and mystery of human existence. This poetry book echoes a desire to forge a voice that is as curious as it is distinctive. It portrays ... Read more

Recipes from The Red Planet

By Meredith Quartermain
Illustrated by Susan Bee

Suppose fiction is a mansion of mirrors where narrative, setting and plot are characters, and suppose this castle is haunted by Martians constantly rearranging, reversing and transelating its furniture of myths, fables and nursery rhymes. Let's play space-wars, say the Martians, ... Read more

Ledger of the Open Hand

By Leslie Vryenhoek

Ledger of the Open Hand looks at the intimate power of money and emotional debt through the eyes of a woman trying to grab hold of her own life. Beholden to a shrewd friend and burdened by family obligations and guilt, Meriel-Claire (MC) finally stumbles into what she’s been ... Read more

True Names of Birds, The

By Susan Goyette

The True Names of Birds is the first book-length collection from a voice that has captured the attention of Canadian poetry readers for the last half-dozen years. Deeply centred in domestic life, Goyette's work is informed by a muscular lyricism. These are poems that push the ... Read more

This Godforsaken Place

By Cinda Gault

The year is 1885 and Abigail Peacock is resisting what seems to be an inevitable future—a sensible career as a teacher and marriage to the earnestly attentive local storeowner.

But then she buys a rifle, and everything changes.

This Godforsaken Place is the absorbing tale of ... Read more

For Display Purposes Only

By David Seymour

These poems pause for the spectacle: cloning technologies, super-slo-mo photography, narcotic cab rides. Making fun of consciousness, they describe a system of tripwires, pitfalls and decoys that this notion of daily viewership entails. These poems are paeans to our facility ... Read more