BLM: Books by Black Authors

BLM: Books by Black Authors
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Amplify Black voices—read books by Black authors. Check out some of our picks below.

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By Kaie Kellough

Finalist for the 2017 Amazon. ca First Novel Award

Accordéon is an experimental novel, a piercing deconstruction of Québécois culture, an ode to Montréal--a city where everything happens at once and all realities exist simultaneously. Against a satirical Ministry of Culture ... Read more

What’s a Black Critic To Do II

By Donna Bailey Nurse

In What’s a Black Critic to Do II, literary critic Donna Bailey Nurse once again gathers together profiles, reviews, interviews, and essays that examine race, culture, and multiculturalism through the lens of literature. This collection, featuring well-known writers, such ... Read more

Queer Returns

By Rinaldo Walcott

Queer Returns returns us to the scene of multiculturalism, diaspora and queer through the lens of black expression, identity and the political. The essays question what it means to live in a multicultural society, how diaspora impacts identity and culture and how the categories ... Read more


By Stanley Péan, Stanley Péan
Translated by David Homel, and David Homel

In the taxi rides you're about to take, you'll be in the company of some classic drivers and of a perspicacious and sharp-eyed passenger, the writer and broadcaster Stanley Péan. Veteran translator David Homel, who introduced readers of English to Dany Laferrière with the ... Read more


By Yvonne Vera

New edition, with an introduction by MG Vassanji. In the late nineteenth century white settlers and administrators arrive to occupy the African country of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). Nehanda, a village girl, is recognized through omens and portents as a saviour. The resulting uprising ... Read more

Why Don't You Carve Other Animals

By Yvonne Vera

New edition, with an introduction by MG Vassanji. The place is white-ruled Rhodesia of the seventies (now Zimbabwe), the exile the African in his or her own land. Young men and women flee from their villages to join the freedom fighters in the forests. These stories, set during ... Read more